Friday, March 18, 2011

Crime Against Joe

I've been watching an old movie (1956) called "Crime Against Joe." When I see these films, I can't help looking at the signs of the businesses around and wondering where they were.

Looking around on the internet, someone else did the work for me on this one. It was filmed in Tucson, AZ. At that link you can see shots of the Pago Pago nightspot, a key location in the film, where Joe meets up with the singer who's killed. That becomes the mystery, did Joe do it? Also, just incidental businesses around on N. Oracle Rd., include Lee's Auto Parts and a Steak House. You can't make out the name of the Steak House on the screen shot, but looking at old newspapers, there was a steak house on N. Oracle called Saddle & Sirloin.

I'm including some screen shots of my own, the ads or clippings about the businesses.

The Pago Pago caption is from the July 27, 1957, issue of the Tucson Daily Citizen. The picture at the microfilm place is barely discernible. It looks like the Pago Pago nightspot didn't advertise in the paper very often.

Saddle & Sirloin, from Dec. 4, 1957 issue of the same paper.

Lee's Auto, from Feb. 5, 1954 issue, same paper.