Monday, June 30, 2008

The Tired Terrorist Card

Joe Lieberman is out there playing that same old tired terrorist card once again. It turns out, once again, that we can never get away, that we absolutely need the Republicans to keep the presidency in perpetuity because... here it comes... repeat after me... the terrorists are going to get us otherwise.

It looks like the Republicans have given the victory to the terrorists. The actual truth is that they just got lucky on 9/11, with our own government (Republicans) asleep at the switch. But now, thanks to Bush's lack of vigilance and the luck they had that one day, we need to live in fear forever.

The old terrorist card is getting very very tired. But not so much, apparently, that they won't keep playing it. The Republicans' politics of fear needs to be rejected once and for all.

(As for Holy Joe, the faster he's kicked to the curb, the happier we'll be.)

General Clark's Supposed Attack

I see on MSNBC, their graphics, that what Wesley Clark said about John McCain is called an "attack." Of course that's the way McCain also is spinning it.

You can understand McCain wanting to put as bad a spin as possible on anything Obama's side says. If Obama says "Good morning," McCain has to see that somehow as an insult. But the media -- MSNBC in this case -- ought to have enough familiarity with the basic meaning of words and be able to hear what is said for what it is.

It is not an "attack" to say, "I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.'' That ought to be common sense. Take it at face value. Being in a fighter plane and being shot down have nothing to do with being president. Why would being shot down in itself qualify you for anything?

Clark actually went out of his way to praise McCain's service, calling him "a hero." For McCain's side -- and the media, always looking for a fight -- this is 'demeaning' and 'attacking his service record.'

One other comment. You know they're lying and it's all spin. But just assume this is the way McCain really hears language. Common sense and praise constitute a vicious demeaning attack. That would not be someone I would want on the other side of the negotiating table as president. We want someone who knows what language actually means.

Remember the Purple Band-aids

In 2004 it was perfectly fine for the whole world to question John Kerry's service in Vietnam. It was gone over and over, quite without shame as I recall.

In 2008 it again needs to be perfectly fine for the whole world to examine John McCain's service. It's ridiculous to suddenly decide such things are off limits.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gas Tax Holiday

John McCain is still calling for a Gas Tax Holiday. He didn't support Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and he thinks gas taxes need their own holiday? I don't know what to make of that.

Personally, I think we have enough holidays. There's a couple I especially don't like, one being Columbus Day. You don't know it's coming, you don't know it's here, then -- bam -- no mail. And it seems like there's some other low level holidays thrown in the mix that could probably be safely dispensed with, like Mother's Day.

Another is President's Day. By all means, President's Day! Get rid of it. Bring back Washington and Lincoln's birthday and let the other losers fend for themselves. George Bush has brought the presidency to such a low level, let's just get rid of that holiday, and if future presidents are on their best behavior, maybe we can ease back into it, like in 2050.

But a gas tax holiday? When would that be? It would probably need to be in the summer, peak driving time. We all send each other a five or 10 dollar gift card for the gas station of our choice. Tell the kids their gifts come from the Oil Fairy, an obese man in a greasy suit carrying a tire.

Friday, June 27, 2008

John Kerry With A Tan

Grover Norquist says Obama is "John Kerry with a tan." He didn't mean anything racist by it, of course.

This Is So Funny

Talking Points Memo is keeping track of the GOP blowhards who are repeating the line about China drilling for oil just off Cuba, close to the country to the north there.

Dick Cheney was the biggie on this, who retracted the statement. But since then, others have jumped on the outrage bandwagon to repeat it.

Today's features Virgil Goode...

"We are foolish, we are dragging the economy of the United States down while China is just chugging along, drilling any place it can. They're drilling off the coast of Cuba, close to Florida -- closer than the 200 miles, the 50-200 miles, that's on the outer continental shelf."

Virgil B. Goode

Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) is back at his anti-Muslim ways, writing to his supporters to man the pitchforks and torches. He also had quite an episode, it seems, of standing down, dressing down, an uppity Muslim student, who no doubt slunk away in great shame and humiliation. The student asked him why he didn't have the Koran on his wall along with the Ten Commandments. Virgil spoke up forcefully, taking on the airs of a man willing to stand strong when his office wall was under threat: "As long as I have the honor of representing the citizens of the 5th District of Virginia in the United States House of Representatives, The Koran is not going to be on the wall of my office."

I don't know what Virgil's voice sounds like, but to me I'm sounding it out in my head almost like it's coming from a very strong character like Foghorn Leghorn. "Now see here, see here, sir, as long as I have, I say, as long as I have the honor of representing these here citizens of the great state, that's the great state of Virginia, the Koran, I say, the Koran will never be on the wall of my office!"

Virgil came to fame when he objected to how the first Muslim representative in Congress would be sworn in. Since then he's had the pride of place, his picture next to the entry "Duh" in the dictionary.

John McCain: Wife-Beater?

They say the man has a bad temper -- he's been called McNasty -- and I don't doubt it. Pick through this guy's history and there's bound to be plenty of bad news there.

I can't believe the media isn't making more of his troubles over the years. I suppose a guy can be a POW for five years, be tortured, wasted away, and come back home perfectly normal and well-adjusted. But as we've seen with some of our returning heroes from Iraq -- or go back to Vietnam -- there's a lot of difficulties there that need to be worked through. And with suicides and family troubles, these difficulties have a way of lingering on.

One obvious McCain sore spot the media should examine is his first marriage. I saw an article in the last couple weeks that presented McCain coming home to his poor wife and dumping her. She'd somehow been in an accident and was crippled up, not quite the way he remembered her. So he started an affair with Cindy and continued with that for nine months or so before getting a divorce and marrying her. Why a despicable thing like this is untouchable, I don't know. Pretend it's something Bill Clinton did. Marriages fall apart from time to time and usually it's nobody's business. But John McCain is a man who might raise his hand and take a vow to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. His word is already no good!

Now today there's this callous, unthinking remark -- supposed to be a joke, I guess -- about him beating his wife. "I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago." If I'm John McCain this is an area I don't go -- what his relationship is to his wife and how bad it can be. Or are we not supposed to remember his famous temper tantrum, reported on, when he called Cindy an obscene name in public? So, he's got the whole first wife thing, then his outburst against Cindy, and now he makes a supposed joke about how he stopped beating his wife? The guy needs serious help.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dana Perino -- Now and Then

Going by the Scott McClelland example, saying one thing when you're Bush's press secretary and something else now, we're guessing how it'll be with Dana Perino.

Now, she's very tight-lipped, serious to defend the boss, with righteous indignation any time anyone would cast him in a bad light. But then, we're guessing, when her own book is published in 2010, we're expecting a different story.

As to this matter of naming a sewage facility after President Bush -- which is definitely aimed in the right direction as a fitting memorial to him -- Dana had very little to say.

"Q The New York Times reported this morning from San Francisco that the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is planning to ask voters to change the name of the prize-winning water treatment on the shoreline to, "The George W. Bush Sewage Plant." And my question: What is the White House reaction to this New York Times news report?

"MS. PERINO: I just don't think it dignifies a response."

But what can we expect from the press secretary when the times and circumstances -- writing a book and hoping to cash in -- demand it?

Looking back with reflection, she might say, "Then there was the episode in San Francisco, voting whether to name a water treatment plant after the President, "The George W. Bush Sewage Plant." The White House was in meltdown mode that day, as I recall. Iraq, North Korea, and Iran were all pushed to the back burner. The focus was solely on this sewage plant issue. There was a lot of activity and discussion as to how we should respond. Some thought we should take it in the spirit of fun -- self-deprecating humor. Others thought we should show real anger, to uphold the dignity of the office. Both suggestions had their obvious downside. We decided to show mild anger by "not dignifying" it with a response, then to hope that it would go no further in the news cycle. The jokes were the worst of it, and we didn't think we could keep the President in the dark on it forever, but somehow we managed. But my own opinion -- now the truth can be told -- was that it was an entirely appropriate gesture by the San Franciscans. I might only add that he deserved worse, but what that would've been I don't know."

Reached today for comment on the whole matter, Scott McClelland himself said, "I cannot comment on an ongoing sewage treatment plant naming. Except to say, great idea!"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lieberman Must Go

Lieberman Must Go

I saw just a tiny bit of the video at that site. Right at the beginning it mentions an "unlikely love affair" between Lieberman and George Bush, and shows Bush's famous "smooch" with Lieberman.

I wish I could discern this, could fathom this, what went wrong with Lieberman. How could a guy as apparently smart as he is be so swayed by a liar and crook like George W. Bush? It blows my mind that here we have our own Democratic VP nominee from 2000, a complete traitor to his party, which was behind him all the way at that time. There's something surreal about it. The guy went off track and never got back on. He stabbed us all in the back. Very weird.

I remember when he was running for president in 2004, of course on our Democratic ticket. He wasn't claiming big Republican allegiance, which I'm pretty sure I would remember. So whether it was a trojan horse thing or what, who knows? I still know a guy who thinks Lieberman would've been a great Democratic nominee this year! To which the only answer is twofold: 1) Whatever; and, 2) Why am I talking to you again?

My biggest memory of Lieberman running in 2004 was this: For some unexplainable reason, I was watching C-SPAN's "Road to the White House." And they had Lieberman touring a boating, hunting, fishing, mobile home show in Oklahoma. The place took up what must've been several football fields in space. And there was old hushpuppy Joe Lieberman, which his lazy voice wandering from booth to booth, chatting casually with the vendors, children, and patrons. I was transfixed, really. I watched it to the end. There was a water-skiing squirrel in there somewhere. Lieberman was asking children their names. And if one was a biblical name, he was mentioning it and its history. It was so trivial and interesting at the same time.

I wasn't for him of course. At the time I was for Dean. But I figured he was OK as also-rans go. I sure wasn't expecting such a grand betrayal on his part, which is very disappointing.

Joe Lieberman went over to the dark side -- it doesn't make any sense, but it happened. It would be really nice, let's say we get a big enough majority in November, to see him finally kicked to the curb. Assuming he doesn't wake up, come back, and make nice once again.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John McCain Has Nothing To Do With Lobbyists

That's him in the middle!

Click here (or the graphic) for larger, interactive version. It's very interesting. And keep repeating to yourself, "John McCain has nothing to do with lobbyists."

Dobson and the Bible

Whatever it is James Dobson thinks he knows about the Bible, you don't need to know.

I don't need to research his books, look for his statement of faith, or listen to his sermons. There's one standard that in this case does not fail: "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?" (Mt. 7:16). In His Sermon on the Mount Jesus says a bad tree bears bad fruit.

It's just a few verses after that that Jesus -- speaking of somebody -- says, "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." He's not saying that about Joe Average-Christian, but about someone with power, authority, and prestige. Someone who's had the glitz and applause and esteem. And yet all they've done brings only this response from Jesus: "I never knew you."

Tom Minnery, a senior vice president at Focus on the Family, said: "Without question, Dr. Dobson is speaking for millions of evangelicals because his understanding of the Bible is thoroughly evangelical." Somehow I doubt that millions of evangelicals are paying that close of attention to "every word that proceedeth out of" Dobson's mouth, since in evangelical circles you're taught to read the Bible for yourself and come to your own understanding of its teachings. Bible teachers are respected until they give you a good reason to look elsewhere. It sounds very presumptuous for Dobson to claim to speak for them.

Jesus' own standard is the standard of truth, doing things His way. James Dobson has shown by his many forays into rightwing, destructive politics that he is not guided by any standard of truth at all, but by partisan expediency, with nothing that reflects Christ. For instance, there's nothing godly about George W. Bush -- a man responsible for untold death and misery around the world. Yet Dobson trumpets his support for Bush.

There's nothing godly about the Republican party -- they're morally bankrupt and don't even pose well. Their stock in trade also is world misery for their own selfish gain. The idea of Jesus seeing any good fruit in that is far-fetched to say the least. Their ethic is grab, loot, lie, kill, and lie some more. They have produced both warmongers and war criminals. And yet the Republican party is Dobson's default choice -- poor choice.

James Dobson thinks people should care what he has to say about the Bible.

Account Office Negative on Surge; Others Uncautiously Optimistic

So is the "surge" working or not? The Government Accountability Office concludes that Bush's goals outlined in the surge strategy are unmet.

In a Washington Post article by Karen DeYoung, we read, "The report ... cited little improvement in the ability of the Iraqi security forces to act independently of the U.S. military, and noted that key legislation passed by the Iraqi parliament had not been implemented while other crucial laws had not been passed."

Not surprisingly, the rest of George Bush's crooked government had a totally different spin. Since they're constantly in CYA mode -- one thing they're actually good at -- there's a good reason for this, a fine excuse for that, and every reason to continue on the present path. "Staying the course" is making a comeback, which, we might assume, will eventually need another "surge" to get back whatever equilibrium is lost while staying said course!

To summarize everyone's objections to the GAO report, the Pentagon document blamed problems in Iraqi security on Iran and Syria's "negative role" in the area. The State, Treasury and Defense departments objected to its conclusions, with the State Department saying, "We do not require a new strategic document." The Pentagon said it "nonconcurs with the GAO recommendation" to update the strategy, believing that the "New Way Forward . . . remains valid." The Treasury Department disputed the GAO's assessment of the Iraqi government's expenditures.

Finally, Gus in the mailroom said, "Don't blame me. I only work here."

Monday, June 23, 2008

McCain Temper Tantrum? "I Hit The Roof"

John McCain was spotted with a bandage on his head. He said he hit it on a car while getting out during his trip to Canada last Friday.

The money quote from the Republican senator was this: "I was getting out of the car in Canada and I hit the roof a teenie bit."

We have heard of McCain's great temper, that he is subject to tantrums that make a daycare center look like a coma ward. Perhaps this is what he is signaling in his explicit comment, "I hit the roof..." This is a well-known phrase that means great anger.

George Carlin

A good guy died, George Carlin.

His comedy was edgy but also gentle.

I didn't follow him closely but liked to see him on TV whenever I happened to be watching. Very thoughtful comedian. Kind of a prodding style, able to pick out the ridiculous and nudge it.

In the '80s, I won tickets in a radio phone-in contest to a George Carlin concert, and took one of my brothers. It was a great evening, and we had pretty good seats. I still think of it about every week, based on one of the jokes George told. It involved watching out for people running red lights. In the joke he said his brother ran red lights, so he (George) needed to slow down at green lights because his brother might be coming. So, yet today, after all these years, whenever I see someone cruise through a red light I think back to that night and that joke.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Ugliest Dog Contest

It's the 20th annual ugly dog contest, in California, the first one I've heard of. It's nice to have an event where you don't have to be purebred or good looking to win.

The first picture is Gus, taken from this website that has a whole gallery of other canine lookers. He went from Florida to California for the competition. He suffers skin cancer, has no hair except a little white tuft on his head, is missing a leg, and has only one eye.

Concerning Gus, that website says in part, "Every beauty contestant needs a platform, and Gus’ is to bring awareness and hope to people with pets that have been diagnosed with cancer. He is trying very hard to make it to California this year for the contest. Last year he couldn’t attend because his immune system was weakened by chemotherapy. He had a wonderful year (or should I say 7 years)..."

Some of the other dogs at that website are uglier than Gus, but maybe with pictures you can pose them any way you like, or just keep taking pictures till you get one hideous enough to post.

This other dog, the blond fur one, is Willie. The owner's comment (in part) is this, "Willie is a 9 year old mutt we rescued from the pound when he was 6 weeks old. His standout feature is his hair lip smile, which he proudly displays whenever anyone enters the room. This usually results in a double take and then, "That is the ugliest dog I've ever seen."

I love dogs. And a bit of this is sad, but a bit is funny. They're probably all great dogs, and they'll never know they are "ugly." So, they have an advantage over us in that...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ice on Mars

LOS ANGELES — Scientists believe NASA's Phoenix Mars lander exposed bits of ice while recently digging a trench in the soil of the Martian arctic, the mission's principal investigator said Thursday.

This would be good news -- I guess. What do I know? But you figure ice is basically petrified water, right? And water means there could be life, and clues as to the planet's past, or something.

Anyway, knowledge is a good thing, for those in the know. In one of the articles I saw it said they could be vast quantities of ice in there somewhere. And that would be greater. If it's like on earth, we might find preserved mammoths or inhabitants from long ago. Or more clues about the planet's history.

Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain Thinks Two Wrongs Make a Right

I live up on Idealist Mountain. The air is very rarefied up here. We walk around in flimsy robes that move easily with the breeze, but, alas, they aren't see-through. But that doesn't usually matter -- because our minds are extremely focused, always studying or meditating and trying to influence society below and consciousness above.

Idealist Mountain is a place where Greek-like gods live right above us, then we Idealists are in the middle, then there's a path leading to us which is guarded by fierce goats, which never let anyone else in. By never I mean they don't usually let anyone else in. But once in a while, if we know someone who should be allowed in is coming we distract the goats and the person is able to get in unseen. Then when they fail to live by Ideals, we send them out for fresh air and the goats eat them.

Here on Idealist Mountain we think a lot -- tons -- about relativism and absolutes. The things of ethics consume a lot of our time. And in our free time we play Scruples, so that's not much of a break.

Today, I cast my eyes down upon the doings of the Earth for a few minutes. And I noted with a sad spirit that John McCain was criticizing Barack Obama's decision to finance his campaign with the donations of supporters. That is, Obama opted out of the flawed system of so-called public financing. This was wrong -- very very wrong -- McCain felt, something that should not be done. It was disappointing to him, disturbing. He was grieved. He was at his wit's end on how to respond in a way that makes sense of something so wrong.

But then it all comes out, after he says that Obama's move to drop out of the system "should be disturbing to all Americans" that he may decide to opt out, too. Let me repeat that last bit with a little emphasis: and that he, McCain, may decide to opt out, too.

Do two wrongs make a right? John McCain, the only principled politician in the history of the world, feels he has to do something that "should be disturbing to all Americans" just because someone else did it? No! In our exalted thoughts up here on Idealist Mountain, that is what we call relativism, not principles. It is a principle, the principle of expediency -- evil communications corrupt good manners.

So, we send this word down from on high to John McCain, and this is from not just me, this includes the Greek-like gods and the mean man-eating goats: Don't do it! Don't sell out your soul! Don't sell out your principles! Stick to what you know is right! Never mind it if Obama has $300 million and you're sitting there with your last dollar and one dime to call the pawn shop to see what time they close. You do the right thing and we'll rally to your side. You'll be president simply by virtue of your virtue!

John McCain Didn't Love America?

I'm what you might call a patriot. I was born in a country. And because it was the country I was born in, I love it. And I know there isn't any better place. I've always knowed that.

I've lived in this country ever since I was born here, and I ain't never lived no place else. You could say I love where I was born with all my heart. Do you know what it's like to love your country with all your heart? It's like this -- you don't take kindly to anybody who don't also love her the same way that you do. And -- I dunno -- I get kinda steamed up around the neck and ears, the cheeks and gums, and I'd just like to kick the crap out of 'em...

When a man loves his country and lives in his country, he knows it's the best place on earth. Nobody has to teach him!

Now, just in case you don't know where I'm talkin' about -- you must be kinda dumb -- I'm talking about America, buddy. That's the land I love and I'm proud of. There ain't no other.

Anyway, I'm sittin' here lookin' at the Hazzard County paper for Friday, and I'm seein' a big old picture of a leftist pinko by the name of John McCain. How do I know that's what he is? Well, first, I can just tell one. I got the spirit. I know how to do lots of things. I can "smell" when the fish are bitin'. I don't look in the almanac. I've got my "Love It or Leave It" bumper sticker on Ole Betsy, my truck, and I can tell things by that. If one of them hippies or pinkos or commies turns up his nose, or maybe looks at it cross-eyed, or crosses by on the other side of the road, I know I got me one. Time for kickin'.

But now, what do I see in the paper today? Only that John McCain says, "I didn't really love America until I was deprived of her company." I need to read that again, real slow like, I mean slower than usual. He did-not-REALLY love America? So what was he doin' all that time? He must've been just sayin' he loved America, but in his heart he had a hatred, a despite, like some of them hippie critters. I'm tellin' you, any man don't love America ain't fit to be my commander and chief, simple!

Oh, he says, he had to be "deprived of her company," he says, before he decided that maybe he could bear down and find it in his puny little selfish heart to love America. Huh! That's no man I could vote for. If you're born there, you gotta love her! You just gotta love her, no questions asked. What'd they teach that boy when he was growin' up, that your own country is a place you don't love till you get around to it? Pitch pennies all day and salute the flag if you ain't too tired to raise your arm? He took to his mama the first time he was thirsty, didn't he? Every filthy animal knows enough to do that! You don't gotta be taught! But John McCain didn't love America till he one day he found himself deprived. That sounds like somethin' ... from France.

But, as everybody knows, I was already lookin' askance at McCain. Everybody knows I was for Tom Tancredo right along. And Jim Dobson for vice. Gettin' John McCain is like goin' to the prom dance with the high school queen, then wakin' up next to your neighbor's goat. It might do in a pinch but you hate to be seen with it.

I already knew there was somethin' wrong with McCain anyway, when me and the boys saw in the paper how he treated his first old lady. Now there's somethin'. He was deprived of his first old lady's company and came back home and didn't love her at all! That's when he took up with this new filly -- what's the little heifer's name, Cindy? -- sin he did! She's got some looks all right -- neck down. But she's a hard lookin' woman. If I had her features in my toolbox I could cut glass and fix every broken window in the county! He dumped the other gal -- she was crippled up like Aunt Agnes, but old Uncle Cy kept her around; she could still cook, once you got her situated at the stove.

Hey, let me get on out of here. I got a honey-do list a mile long to take care of. I've got a whole sack full of cats to drown. And after that the rest of it ain't much fun.

But everybody knows around these parts that I love America. Like I said, I was born here. And this is most likely where they're gonna bury me. And I can't vote for any man -- any fool -- who stands up and trash talks her like that. McCain saying he didn't love America? There's somethin' wrong with that boy...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

On the Word "Cunt"

Note: I'm very scrupulous about avoiding "bad language" on my blogs. You won't find very many instances of anything more profane than "shucks" or "snap." That said, I need to "get clinical" today about a famous C word that John McCain may or may not have used (he did) referring to his wife.

Looking into one of the most fascinating books I have, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker, there are all sorts of articles on things like this word, and other words relating to mythology, religion, and folklore, and women. It's over 1100 pages, so there's a lot to cover! It's well worth checking out if you want to read some real obscurities that pertain to language, the feminine side, deities, myths, and so on. And I'm real sure it's still in print, since I saw one at Barnes & Noble a couple years ago.

OK, on the word cunt, with this information coming from Walker, p. 197f. When we say someone is "kin," that's related (no pun intended). When we say someone is "cunning," that's also related. The C word is derivative of the Oriental Great Goddess as Cunti, or Kunda, the Yoni of the Uni-verse. (Walker has universe hyphenated like that.) The footnote for that last sentence is George Ryley Scott, Phallic Worship, p. 188. (Have you ever heard the weird truism, known in those circles, that anyone who explores phallic worship eventually goes insane? Look it up.)

Next, as I alluded to above, from the same root came these words: country, kin, and kind (Old English cyn, Gothic kuni). So, when Cindy McCain says, "All I know is that I have always been proud of my country," maybe she's telling us more than she thinks! Be that as it may, related forms were Latin cunnus, Middle English cunte, Old Norse and Frisian kunta, and Basque cuna. Walker says other cognates are "cunabula," a cradle, or earliest abode; "Cunia," a Roman Goddess who protected children in the cradle; "cunctipotent," all-powerful (i.e., having cunt-magic); "cunicle," a hole or passage; "cuniculate," penetrated by a passage; also cunning, kenning, and ken: knowledge, learning, insight, remembrance, wisdom. Walker cites Michael Dames' The Silbury Treasure to point out that cunt is "not slang, dialect or any marginal form, but a true language word, and of the oldest stock." (pp. 110-14 in Dames.)

I've already mentioned the word "kin," which Walker says meant not only matrilineal blood relations, but also a cleft or crevice, the Goddess's genital opening. And Walker's article goes on like that...

But here is a surprising statement, a statement that may get John McCain off the hook, assuming that his advanced age stretches back to ancient times: "In ancient writings, the word for 'cunt' was synonymous with 'woman,' though not in the insulting modern sense." An Egyptologist, finding it among the sayings of Ptah-Hotep, found it quite indelicate, but it was only indelicate in the eye of the modern scholar! (Walker's source, Adolph Erman, The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians, p. 61.)

Medieval clergymen, ever on the lookout for pagans doing their own thing, perceived obscenity in female-genital shrines, holy caves, wells, and groves. These places they called cunnus diaboli, "devilish cunt."

In the Victorian era, sacred places identified with the world-cunt were an embarrassment. Walker says A.H. Glough became a laughing-stock among Gaelic-speaking students when he published a poem, the title of which literally meant "bearded well," which happened to be a Gaelic place-name for a cunt-shrine.

What I'm wondering after all that is the etymology of the word "McCain." It's not much of a stretch to see there could be some relation in McCun, McKin, McKen. Whatever the truth is, we know one thing, that we don't want him to be McCunctipotent, all-powerful...

Big Bird Got My Car

Click the graphic for a bigger view (if you feel like being sicker)

Note on my graphic: Because of too many extraneous reflections in the picture, I replaced most of the photo with black, leaving behind the pure white (with some light reddish bits), looking very stark.

The other day I came to my car to find this enormous bird poop on my window, driver's window. My first thought was maybe it was an eagle or a wild turkey. There were no relieved-looking birds of sufficient size in the area, so I don't know. But whatever bird it was, somehow he escaped the neighborhood. And probably quite easily, being a good pound and half lighter!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Immoral Minority

A really really good blog: The Immoral Minority.

Written with a basic Democratic, progressive point of view, i.e., true, reality-based.

Lots of stuff by someone named Gryphen.

"What is morality? Who decides? Are we in charge of our own destiny? What is right? And what is wrong? Are these questions which can be answered? You betcha!

"I started this humble little blog to give voice to all of my frustrations at the things I saw the Bush administration doing in our name. It is a place for me to vent those frustrations, as well as bring information to anybody with the intellectual curiosity to ask the important questions. I believe in questioning everything about religion, politics, media, pop culture, health care, security, and terrorism just to name a few."


I'm watching the movie Idiocracy. When I say I'm watching it, I mean I watch 10-12 minutes at a time while doing exercises twice a day. So it takes a few days. I haven't reached the end yet.

This of course catches me in various moods. So it's hard to say I like it, because sometimes I hate it, tolerate it, or like it a lot. I think the real value of the movie is in the thoughts you have about it afterwards, through the course of the day.

When I'm feeling very dull -- as I have been -- I think about the stupid citizens throughout the movie. Except they're full of energy while being dull. I'm hoping as it goes along that it answers the question of who are the brains behind the society and all the technology? Because somebody back there must be smart!

The guy in the center of the picture is the president of the United States. He's a professional wrestler/porn star, who has a real swagger when giving the state of the union address. Including a machine gun.

The thing that wears on my senses in this movie is how unbelievably stupid everyone is. You hope the main character, Luke(?), will finally find someone in addition to his 21st century companion to talk to. Some of this stupidity is nicely summed up in a scene in the White House where they're discussing their permanent crop failure. Because they're spraying the crops with Brawndo, a sports drink that everyone drinks. It has electrolytes and it's what plants crave. They're so mindless they can only repeat these things that everyone knows about plants and Brawndo. Plus, everyone's a stockholder in the Brawndo corporation, so it's unfortunate that it's stock price went down to zero.

This isn't a review. I have no idea how the movie ends. And that's probably the way it should be. Since acting in complete ignorance is so key to the movie's theme. Getting to the end is what I crave, but I haven't made it yet, and my electrolyte count is getting lower all the time.

I love the sets, and the graphics of the world in a garbage-strewn shambles. In the big Costco store, there are enormous shelves, like skyscrapers in there, tipped over. In a few scenes I've seen so far, the main character is like Kafka against the bureaucracy. Again, someone's smart enough behind the scenes to make this world work, even while it fails.

Does the GOP Have to Run on Absurdities?

Some quotes here will be from this article.

A pre-Sept. 10 or post-Sept. 11 mindset? Is this really a good way to categorize thinking? I don't think so. For anyone who says it, it says to me that they're admitting they didn't know anything about terrorism on Sept. 10. They were just going merrily on their way, not taking the threat seriously, not understanding the enemy, in other words, in an irresponsible way.

That has to be their admission, because now that they have a post-Sept. 11 mindset, their argument goes, there's nothing that can stand in their way to get the terrorists! Not land, seas, mountains, rugged terrain. Nothing. Not even our own Constitution and way of life is so precious that we shouldn't quickly trash and trample it in this pursuit. (Of course this is their way of grabbing more power, then never letting it go, all part of a ruse to convince us they're actually doing something.)

That's all pretty absurd in and of itself. But there's never -- never -- a good explanation when they're called on it, why the Iraq war had to be fought. Because the phrase "Sept. 11" is all important, any fool could tell you you'd need to get the guys who did Sept. 11 first. Then any mopping up, any fleeing of the remnant of those guys you could legitimately pursue around the world. So Obama can criticize Bush, McCain, the rest of this incompetent bunch, saying, "These are the same guys who helped to engineer the distraction of the war in Iraq at a time when we could have pinned down the people who actually committed 9/11," and they have no answer to it. Their answer is to look up, whistle at the sky a few seconds, and change the subject.

"On his campaign plane, Obama told reporters that Osama bin Laden is still at large in part because Bush's strategy toward fighting terror has not succeeded." It's absurd that McCain would be running, with his post-Sept. 11 mindset, on their great record against terrorists. Since the main guy, OBL is still out there! This is absurd. If you're a Republican, you need the subject to be something else, anything else. Do they not think we remember which party has held office the last eight years? All the while allowing OBL to run free? Bush was the one who said he wasn't too concerned about bin Laden. I never heard John McCain criticize him for saying that.

And finally, Obama said the government can crack down on terrorists "within the constraints of our Constitution." McCain's aides criticize this basic truth!

Good heavens, GOP, do you really not want to have a Constitution to go by? When John McCain, in your fantasties, swears to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, are those meant only as empty words? It's absurd, ridiculous, what the GOP has done the last eight years in trampling the Constitution, then they come around like the wolves in sheep clothing they are every election cycle asking for our vote.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Viva Viagra!

The Viagra commercial was on TV last night, the one with the guys in a recording studio doing a quick take-off of Elvis' Viva Las Vegas. I should've watched it. But it's one that I can't get the channel changed fast enough for.

I've been thinking -- as you probably have too -- various nasty thoughts about John McCain, his age, adultery, cheating on his first wife, dumping her when she was crippled, and taking up with Cindy. Then the little short arms -- no matter how he got them. And the very virile image he tries to have in public, manifested in his constantly beating the drum for more war. Bomb bomb bomb Iran. He brags he was the first one who called for the "surge." Well, surge this.

Along with these nasty thoughts -- you have to wonder what's going on in that head of his, take your pick. You have to wonder what's going on under those clothes. You wish you could somehow summon up Dr. Freud from the great beyond to "zee vhat ve haff here." We've all heard the "boxer or brief" question, and more lately the "Mac vs PC" question. I think it might be time for the "Viagra or Cialis" question.

And none of it's private. By no means. We all remember Senator Bob Dole -- he the husband of hottie Elizabeth "his original E.D." Dole -- and his erectile dysfunction commercials. So what was he on, Viagra? And no doubt he's been singing ever since, if you can imagine what his slow, drawling, low croak of a voice would sound like, "Viva, viva Viagra!"

So we have Viagra. And then there's Cialis. One makes you get together with musicians and sing old Elvis songs. And one gives you erections lasting up to four hours. Someone asks "if you're glad to see me," and it's apparent you're glad to see everybody!

Which one lights John McCain's aging fire? You know, the old Doors' song would make a great one for Cialis. "You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be liar, if I said Cialis couldn't, help me get it up much higher. C'mon, baby, light my fire." Well, Cindy's the latest keeper of his flickering flame, so only she would know.

It'd be good for the rest of us to know, too, so we know what's driving our potential president. And what it might mean for the world. Dr. Strangelove, the guy with the missile between his legs. What goes on down there ... matters.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Garage Sale Records

I hit a pretty good garage sale the other day -- but I've been kicking myself that I didn't load up some more. I heard the guy telling another guy that he could take what he wanted. But I didn't know it was the general policy.

They had a bunch of LPs, but they'd been stored in a basement and had a moderately musty smell. I glanced through them and saw some good titles -- not that many -- and didn't get any. There were some other guys who were already doing some good glomming on. But I definitely had my chance to grab what I wanted. I have a hard time with smelly records, especially if they aren't leaping out at me as something I really want. I have a couple regrets, but just mild regrets.

On the other hand, there were a bunch of music books -- yet even these weren't probably that great. But who cares, for free? But I didn't know they were free at this point, just what I heard him say to that one guy, who might've been a friend for all I knew.

I did get a couple of the old Hansen Publications Beatles' songbooks, including the Revolver songs with two pin-up covers affixed to the Revolver cover. The outer was was in worn shape, but the inner was well protected by the outer. This was in pretty good condition. The other was an earlier Beatles songbook from '64, in much worse condition but apparently completely intact.

But what I really liked were the 45s I found, which probably numbered around 50-60 of pretty good '60s and '70s ones. The real treat for me was that about 40 of these were in Woolworth cut-out/close-out plastic bags. I suppose that doesn't sound like much of a treat. But I used to look at records at Woolworth all the time and they had a rack of these in the same plastic bags. I don't remember ever buying any, but that's not to say I didn't. I just remember them and looking at them many times. And this is the first time since then that I've seen any!

The other 45s I got were piled in a garbage bag, no sleeves, and the plastic bags stuck in laundry soap boxes. I didn't check them out before hand, except to see a couple and know they were in bad shape. But when I was "checking out" I asked the guy how cheap I could get these records, and that's when he told me they were free -- they're yours -- and I could come back and get as much as I wanted. Well, the person I was with didn't want to stay any longer, I was extremely tired, I had other things to do, so I didn't go back. But I really could've loaded up on some halfway decent stuff -- some more than halfway.

The 45s in the laundry boxes turned out to be nearly destroyed. As badly beaten as any records you can picture, including some entirely broken. I seriously don't know how this happens to records. I can see them in a box being jostled back and forth occasionally and scratched, but to be so completely abused, that's the tough part to picture. Some of these were '50s, then '60s and '70s. There was one by Gene Vincent ("Lotta Lovin'), and I saw a couple Chantels records, and an Elvis EP, all beat to death. Some other good ones, once upon a time good.

The Woolworths ones -- if you have any memory of these -- were general '60s/'70s hits. Mama's and Papa's, Neil Diamond, Left Banke, Chicago, Ray Stevens, Lovin' Spoonful, New Colony Six, Four Tops, Supremes, Petula Clark, 4 Seasons, Dionne Warwick, Strawberry Alarm Clock,
Elton John, Peppermint Rainbow, Mungo Jerry, Hollies, Spanky & Our Gang, etc. Also Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth." These were in pretty good shape, having the protection of the inner sleeve and the plastic bag!

Happy Bloomsday!

June 16, 1904 - June 16, 2008.

Great day for a walk around the mythic byways of your town.

Maybe go sit in the outhouse for a while, walk down by the local lake or ocean to watch the girls, eat a few times, drink a lot more. Pick up with friends. And hope everything's OK at home.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

McCain Diluting Reputation

From the Baltimore Sun article by Paul West, on John McCain diluting his "rare reputation."

"John McCain once had the most powerful brand in American politics.

"He was often called the country's most popular politician and widely admired for his independent streak. It wasn't too many years ago that 'maverick' was the cliche of choice in describing him."

The cliche of choice. That's a good way of putting it. If you're going to depend on cliches for your reputation you have to keep up the facade. In the case of being a "maverick" that means opposition on your own side. Once they accept you as their nominee your maverick days are finished. Then the scrutiny and revelation begins!

You're never as good as your reputation. Your reputation is based on people's limited exposure to the whole you. Once we dig into the whole you, our findings expand and your reputation takes a hit. So, the preference from McCain's point of view is for the reputation to be essentially true and with hidden depths we've never known. That helps buy time. Yet still he's up against being the nominee, fully accepted, so no longer the maverick.

Being a nominee he has lots of people to please, those of his own side and those he might possibly swing to his side. Mavericks in that role? No, because the people have to be pleased.

There's no way he could transition to this and keep the cliche as more or less true. A much shorter campaign would've helped McCain, who has to hope no one sees the real him in time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obama To Iraq and Around World

Obama is planning a world tour sometime before the Democratic convention. He's very popular around the world, and getting out and around could help him with foreign policy cred.

In this trip, he'll probably be in Iraq. This of course would answer McCain's nitpicking about how many times Obama's been to Iraq versus how many times McCain's been there. (Big deal.)

McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said that McCain had visited Iraq eight times since the 2003 invasion.

Eight times. I suppose it's good that he's gone, except when you factor in he's been going there for the propaganda value, it loses some of its impact. Mild mannered senator here he's transformed into Body-Armor-Man there. Eight times, but who's keeping track? It all sounds so playground, like 'nah nah nuh lah nah! I've been to Iraq eight times!' Since he thinks we need to stay another hundred years, he'll have plenty of time to up that record.

Friday, June 13, 2008

McCain Confuses His Stand on Social Security

John McCain: Confused?

Is John McCain confused? Is there anything he can do about it?

The working assumption these days is that John McCain's thoughts are very muddled. For some hyper-partisans, this is something to celebrate; each stumble, each gaffe, each sad slip he makes is seized on as evidence that he is not up to the job of president. For others, those who are more humane, this is something to mourn, as we know our quality of life depends so much on keeping our faculties, mental abilities, and reason. Anytime that slips away, all of us are poorer.

But as much as we may mourn reality, we also need to face facts. There's no enduring value in denying reality, which ironically would suggest we also were slipping, giving way to atrophied sense, and becoming confused. No, as long as we have sense we need to use it. Life is precious but nothing lasts forever. We pass from the scene, the future is upon us, a younger generation takes our place, and we're left to wither away, hopefully with grace, dignity, and nurses aides who are well-trained, discreet, and empathetic enough to use air freshener on our ward.

What is happening to John McCain is what will happen to all of us. Time brings its ravages. We can think back and, whatever our age, identify with him. Scientists tell us the human brain isn't fully functioning until age 25. So, in those years prior to that, we are incomplete. Our minds are a mush, a constant interplay of lucidity and confusion. This is why children get into so much trouble. Their little brains are confused. They don't know the difference between right and wrong. Check out each day's "Dennis the Menace" comic for all the proof you need.

But when we reach the magical age of 25, suddenly we're able to function in a clear way for the first time in our lives. And yet all is not well, because we soon hit 26, and the downward spiral begins in earnest.

Each year then after 26 makes things worse until you hit another magic number, somewhere between 70 and 75 -- at 71 or 72 it's really pronounced, which just happens to be where John McCain is. Why that age in particular? It's a place called the "Senility Threshold," because you suddenly have the awareness of what is happening; your mind is straddling two realities; you get the sudden sense of it, but it's too late. Very dangerous! As the natural response of a cornered animal is to fight its way out, so the natural response at the Senility Threshold is to deny, bob, weave, or try to overcome it by force of will. We think of erectile dysfunction as very common at this age, but the problem is not physiological -- the "junk in your trunk" is just fine -- but mental; too much of your mind is focused on this hopeless mental fight. Some try to overcome it with risky ventures -- marrying much younger women, gambling sprees, or running for president.

John McCain is at the most dangerous point of his life. He doesn't know up from down. Yet he's putting up a heroic fight, a terrific struggle. The biggest downside is we know precisely how it will end, in a mental defeat, a resolution, which would be called the stage of acceptance if there were "anyone home" finally to accept it. In just a few years, then, he'll be at a nice place. On his table will be a 16-piece puzzle which he will attempt to work. Just getting the straight edges right will bring well deserved praise from the nursing staff. His time will be divided up for him and given over to pleasant activities such as Current Events ("Iraq is still a quagmire"), Trivia ("Who was the first black president?"), and Bingo with bananas for prizes. At this point, psychologically a second childhood, he will consider it fun to cover and uncover his eyes and say "Peek-a-boo."

That's life. Sentience is never something we can take for granted. In the vast virtual infinity of life's darkness, our consciousness is a tiny blip of light, quickly emitted and instantly extinguished. If you look into the research, say, The Origins and History of Consciousness by Erich Neumann, you see this, and you find that you literally do not have enough light, enough consciousness to get past the preface. That may be an exaggeration, but it is no exaggeration to say that Neumann had to have written this book somewhere between his 25th and 26th birthdays, and most likely in his first three months after turning 25. No other time is available. But when those few lucid moments were there, Neumann realized and set down the limits of consciousness. Then he turned 26 and his surmises were proven by firsthand experience, although unfortunately by then it was too late to say "I told you so."

Yes, John McCain is confused. And it is with a great deal of sadness that we say it will only get worse.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night in Yiddish

I got this link off the blog I was just mentioning, illusory tenant.

Attack of the Killer Constitution

Attack of the Killer Constitution

"[T]oday’s opinion ... will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed." — Justice Antonin Scalia

This blog, illusory tenant, which calls itself "The Champagne of Hate Blogs," has lots of interesting, short posts, observations and asides on current news stories.

Someone Doesn't Feel Well

Still Sick


Sick and Tired

Gak, Sore Throat, Gak

These are from a blog called Realigned Rain. Get well soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 8

John McCain 2008 Golf Gear June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Meta What from Washington, DC United States
Because entitlement knows no bounds

Excellent product!! June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Francis Ballsnutstein from Montgomery, AL United States
This is by far one o fthe finest purchases I have made in recent years! I'm thrilled to be participating in history, owning a product labeled with a name of real importance! The quality of said product is truly above and beyond the norm, and is indicative of the pure quality of McCain. I think it's fantastic that I can still golf like Tiger Woods, and not live in misery and sadness over something I have nothing to do with, and I don't even have to complain about it like some pansy on the internet. Life is wonderful, McCain is second only to Jesus. I sure do hope the homes of everyone that votes for Obama gets bulldozed and pushed into Mexico where they all belong : )

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'll be out golfing while the democrats sit at home whining in public forums where no one will hear them! Enjoy your virginity, kids! It's going to last you a lifetime. Oh, and I hope World of Warcraft crashes on you.

My Message June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Barry Hussein Obama from Chicago, Illinois
Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Pfleger and all my other buddies tell me this golf pack is the one to buy when I get in the White House!!!

Thank You John for the reminder... June 9, 2008
Reviewer: from Northern Minnesota
That we don't need to sacrifice anything...if we don't golf, the terrorists have won. In order to keep the economy strong, we need to support places which purchase pesticides and herbicides...fouling the waters, killing birds...Jesus is returning and he's going to be angry if we're not out golfing in times like these...having dominion over the earth and ruining an otherwise beautiful walk in the woods.

(And let's continue to torture the detainees...remember all the reliable information it elicited from you...maybe we can get them to make radio broadcasts)

Wow! What a great product! McCain is a hero!!! June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Bob Sacamano from Boulder, CO United States
Wow, John McCain is such a maverick! He's totally breaking free from George Bush on this one. How can people honestly say that a McCain presidency would just be an extension of Bush? Bush isn't playing golf in respect for the thousands of soldiers he's sent to death in Iraq, McCain just doesn't give a fsck! He's exactly the kind of leader this country needs. He'll get our country back on the track, starting by bom bom bombing Iran, those godless heathen.

McCain Golf Pack June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Bill Brill from Pensacola, FL United States
I never cottoned to the idea that I should give up my Wednesday golf game just because there's a war on. Our Commander in Chief has already made this sacrifice for us, turning in his clubs out of respect for the 4,000+ families who welcomed home a corpse, rather than their serviceman or servicewoman. So let's hit the links! And what better way than with a John McCain golf bag? Nothing better identifies you with the wealthy, graying elite than zipping your balls behind the proud McCain brand.

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 7

Not what I had expected June 10, 2008
Reviewer: rouftop from dk, DC United States
For the past five years I've been mired in sand traps. Golfing has been one long quagmire for me. I had hoped this golf pack would finally provide some needed relief, but alas I am still stuck where I was before, except now the hole is deeper. To make matters worse, my personal finances have been completely screwed up on this wasted purchase.
I thought I'd break out of my rut, but I'm still Bush league.

Golfing June 10, 2008
Reviewer: John McCain from Washington DC
I am a US Senator and I believe that this golf set has vastly improved my game. These balls were modeled after my own. They are hard enough to knock out a terrorist.

Can you believe this? June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous person from FL United States

I can't believe McCain would say that!

What's this doing here June 10, 2008
Reviewer: john higgins from eagle river, WI United States
To have golf gear being sold on your website promoting your candidacy has said it put idiotic game on such an important site shows you have no sense at all and certainly should not be running the country. sincerely John

Bettered my game by 7 strokes June 9, 2008
Reviewer: I LOVE MERIKA from Crawford, TX United States
I tell you, my rival took one look at my dainty but STRONG towl, embroidered with the delicate words "McCain '08," and he about fell over. The game was finished before it began. He kept chopping deluxe McBalls into the woods, and I think he got real jealous. I hear he supports that democrat, but he should know, when you gotta play golf, McCain for LIFE! I bet you can't even GET Obama golf gear. And here we have the game elevated to its proper place: right next to "Decision Center" and "Strategy." Somehow, I know Merika will be in good hands.

My friends, trust me, you'll want to snap these up June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Cofer Black from Moyock, NC
I hit the links near my beach home on Hilton Head with an important customer the other day, toting this little item with me, and I got the contract! I've been concerned about business slowing down, what with the Iraq occupation getting so unpopular and all. But my client took one look at my maverick golf support pack, and he was sold! For an investment of 50 bucks, I now hold in my hand a multi-billion dollar, 50 year contract with an option to extend another 50 years. I can't recommend this item strongly enough.

I like the golf pack, but why no yacht tarp? June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Joseph B. from Cotuit, MA United States
Sure this pack of John McCain labeled shwag is nice, and when I'm out on the course I use it as a subliminal message to remind my caddy that I don't support minimum wage. But what I'm really waiting for is the John McCain yacht tarp. WTF, Johnny Mac, my boat is getting wet! Thank you.

Wonderful Golf Set, Great Success! June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Dr. A.J. McShazzlestein, III, Minister from Church of Gods High Earth, Jewish Catholicism Sect
The game of Golf reminds me of happiest moments making goat milk in West Virginia. With your delicious golf bag I can enjoy most glorious day in slingshot golf attire. I like golfing in the U S and A better than home as it does not smell of burning human wastes in the outside airs. Anyways, I am anxiously awaiting my 15th golf set to arrive so I can celebrate the making of a 1000 goat milks. If I were hulk hogan i too would having make love to my daughter.

Support our troops while playing golf! June 9, 2008
Reviewer: Harris Winton from Hilton Head
This product is perfect. The balls play well, and often I think about how I could best show my support for the troops and our war on terrorism while enjoying an afternoon on the links. I know the folks at the club are going to want a set of their own!

Not just for picking divots June 9, 2008
Reviewer: John Mc John from BOULDER, CO United States
There we were on the 17th green when a bedbug-ridden bearded terrorist leaped from the hole screaming godless gibberish. My pitiful peace-loving liberal partners grabbed their balls and ran, leaving me alone with only my John McCain equipment for defense. I slung my ball bag at his head and leaping atop the mangy rascal jammed my stiff club down his throat, finally finishing him off by jerking my McCain brand divot picker up his misshapen nose. Thank you, John McCain for giving me the courage to fight!

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 6

I love John McCain's balls! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Ron Burgundy from , Los Angeles
Perfectly dimpled, John McCain's balls fly straight into the hole every time!
I only wish that I could buy a John McCain ball-washer so that I could wash John McCain's balls, my balls, and all my buddies' balls with that signature John McCain ball-washing gusto.

John McCain's balls. Now there is change we can believe in!

McCain roolz!!! Obama droolz!!!

Balls! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Al Bundy from San Francisco, CA United States
Dear Senator McCain,

I see you have supplies for golf, but how about bowling? I take the measure of a man by his ability to bowl. The black guy cannot, it seems, bowl his way out of a paper bag containing a 40 ounce. The woman, obviously is unfit for the office, bowling or no.

So, Senator, it seems you are the only white male sportsman representing the Grand Old Party. You've got my vote, as long as you bowl better than a 200.

Golf is for sissyboys, sir, throwing a rock you can put your fingers in is a manly GOP sport.

Go Republicans!


Golf You Can Believe In! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: McCain Fan from Highbrow Street, United States
Whenever I get angry at how elitist the limousine liberals are, I have the chef make me some Cindy McCain Ahi Tuna with Napa Cabbage Slaw, then I take my John McCain golf gear out on the country club, where I can be with real, hardworking Americans. Also, white people.

FORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Joe Blow from Mesa, AZ United States

Seal of Approval! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Old White Guy from Washington, DC United States
I wore this gear on my last golfing trip with Jack Abramoff at St. Andrews in Scotland. Shaved crucial points off my game! Looking forward to visiting there again, as soon as Jack gets out of the slammer.

golf balls whiter than the competition June 10, 2008
Reviewer: sebastian farmer from burlingame, CA United States
im so happy with these golf balls, they are at least twice as white as the other golf balls ive bought recently

Defective balls June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Charles Keating from Houston Texas United States
I was expecting the McCain balls to fly straight, but the lobbyists must have gotten to them, cause the balls seem to go in random directions based on who's paying for lunch. Maybe they lost the real McCain balls in Iraq, or maybe they slipped in some Richard Nixon balls by mistake.

I've given up the game June 10, 2008
Reviewer: George W. Bush from Washington, DC United States
Senator McCain, as much as you and I agree on just about every policy and decison that I have made, I'm gonna have to leave out on the farm on this one, buddy.

I've given up golf to honor the sacrifice of our boys and girls in the sand trap, and I think it is poor taste for you to dishonor them by selling golf gear

fathers's day McCain golf pack June 10, 2008
Reviewer: john dominguez from new york, NY United States
I'm voting for the black guy.

Wonderful gift for loved ones in sand traps June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Bo Baffett from Arlington, VA United States
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Send one to every service member you know who will be stationed in Iraq over the next hundred or so years.

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 5

The Golf Pack is Great, but June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Lobbyist Buddy from Washington DC
When are you going to offer a Joe Lieberman Certified McCain Ballwasher?

A Must Have June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Your Friend from Chicago, IL United States
My friends, every order comes with free Pancakes!!

What do ya call 100 white guys chasin 1 black guy? June 10, 2008
Reviewer: B Obama from Aii, AE United States
The PGA Tour

NOT JUST FOR GOLF June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Walter San Miguel from Miami Lakes, FL United States
This is just the thing for strolling around
the Baghdad Market with 100 soldiers; 2
Blackhawks; and 3 Apache gunships, and
then telling us that Baghdad is safe !!!!!!

Iraq Forever!!! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Mitt Romney from Boston, MA United States
I thought that I would give this McBush golf set to Dad for Father's Day as a way to commemorate his leaving Mom for the younger, blonder, much richer woman!!

Quality! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Jack Abramoff from Washington, DC United States
Yep, good 'ol Chinese Quality! Just like we used to make in 'Merica

These balls have 30 years of experience... June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Patrick Bryan from Bluefield, GA United States
...I thought I was paying for new ones

Golf! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Ray in LA from Los Angeles, CA United States
I love my new golf gear! I'm going to use it on the golf course in the Green Zone in Baghdad!

Do your duty! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous person from asdf, AK United States
We are at war. Support the troops and go golfing. Oh, and oppose the GI bill, so the soldiers don't get so much money for college. Otherwise, they'll cut and run to some liberal university!

MUST OWN! MUST USE! June 10, 2008
Reviewer: LazyMF from Texas
Bag is handy. Will hold 2 Vietnamese skulls.

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 4

Great for... June 11, 2008 Reviewer: Grand Ol' Duffer. from Fartsville, OH
throwing at kids to GET OFF MY LAWN YOU LITTLE JERKS!

Perfect for the sand traps June 11, 2008 Reviewer: Gny. Sgt. Hartman from Paris Island, SC
Great gift for your friends and loved ones in the military that are trapped in the sand for the next 100 years.

Disappointing June 11, 2008 Reviewer: Pat Tanaka from Parts Unknown
The 2000 Father's Day McCain Golf Pack had more balls. This golf pack is too much like the George W. Bush golf pack I got last year.

But, I will show those Obama supporters that i'm no elitist when I knock in a hole in one.

Balls June 11, 2008 Reviewer: Jesus H. Crist from Lime jello cottage cheese background
Adequate replacements for the balls I was required to leave behind last time I visited Bob Jones University.


On a more serious note, does anyone find it kind of fitting that the "Father's Day" Golf Pack takes 2-3 weeks for delivery?

Balls with dimples, no lotion needed June 11, 2008 Reviewer: Deadite from Nogales, AZ United States
These are great white balls, I for one am glad that John McCain supports these balls. The only problem is that you can't lie with these balls, once you do some guy who looks and sounds like the emperor from Star Wars corrects you on camera.

Also I'm glad to see John McCain persevere and support a game that requires arms to be raised above shoulders to play. I know that John McCain will be a great president since that this great country will be regulated down to his VP since he'll have to take regular Matlock breaks, and with the on set of alzheimers causing him to screw up leaders of different countries, it'll be like a new President every day!

I was disappointed June 11, 2008 Reviewer: LAW from USA
When I think "McCain," I think "old balls and loose skin." These balls were pretty much straight out of the factory, and there was no lose skin at all. What a bunch of bull!

Best laid plans aft gang agley June 10, 2008 Reviewer: Bond... Jade Bond from Watertown, WI United States
O Partner my Partner our fearful trip is done
The ball has weatherd every bunker the bet we sought is won
The clubhouse near the bells I hear the people all exulting
While follow eyes the steady keel the vessel grim and daring

But O fore fore fore
O the bleeding drops of red
Where on the deck my Partner lies
Fallen cold and dead

I LOVE it June 10, 2008 Reviewer: Gramps from Florida
I love this kit. I appreciate the compartment for my soiled Depends(TM).

No action left in this old stick June 10, 2008 Reviewer: Wade Long from Eureka, CA United States
This set has no juice, no drive. It's practically tailor made for doddering old retards who can't even muster the brainpower to figure out that Putin isn't "The President of Germany"!!!!! It should have a hollow shaft that you can fill with Geritol, steroids and vitamin-pee just for those occasions when you're afraid your bones might crumble into dust. Oh, and in case I didn't mention it, John McCain is a doddering old retard who shouldn't be allowed out of his wheelchair, let alone into the White House!

That is all.

Useful June 10, 2008 Reviewer: myglesias from Midcity, DC
This is great for hiding my old talking points against the Bush tax cuts now that I'm for them.

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 3

Surgarific! Cheaper than a tank of gas! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Ted Underhill from Straight Talk Express
John McCain's balls look great against any green fairway.
I always wanted John McCain's name tatooed onto my dimply white balls and now I have it on all 3 of my Balls. But watch out these balls are wound pretty tight!

Must'a been a mixup June 11, 2008
Reviewer: George Orwell from Washington, DC United States
The description clearly says golf balls but all I got was a bag of steel bearings.

50 bucks? June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Dude Lebowski from Dudeville, CA United States
Fifty bucks for a few balls, a towel, and what appears to be a ball sack? Are they serious?

Is this some way to get around campaign finance reform laws by selling cheap stuff for a lot of money?

Divot tools June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Gen. Patreaus from Pancakes, AL United States
Divot tools are just what I need to repair the blast dents in my unarmored humvee. Thanks Mr. McCain, don't know what I'd do without this.

I love these balls! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Rush L. from Millwood, WA United States
Although, to be perfectly fair, I enjoy darker colored balls from the Dominican more.

Cong-ratulations, John, on a fantastic product! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Ho Chi Minh from Ho Chi Minh City, Formerly Saigon (Suck it, USA!)
My only complaint would be the excessive weight of the balls. Once you land in a sand trap, the ball sinks so deep it's almost impossible to wedge out. This is obviously the work of someone who has no idea what it's like to be hopelessly trapped somewhere for a long period of time.

Better than the GI BILL! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Heywood Jablome from Washington, DC United States
Getting these in the mail was MUCH BETTER than getting college benefits after my service!

Consolation prize... June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Carol Shepp McCain from Virginia Beach, VA
I got mangled in a car accident and got dumped for a younger richer woman and all I got was this stupid golf gear. Sheesh!

I was going to give you another look until... June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Peter Nutt from Hootenanny, FL United States
...I saw that the product code was FDR2583. FDR? FDR?!? John, you crypto-socialist, I was intrigued by your ballbag until I came to your website and finally saw youre nuts.

Happy Father's Day! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: President Putin from Germany
I especially love the divot repair tool. My dad's been using the same old one for about 15 years. Thanks for showing the old man how to trade up for a newer model!

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 2

Thank you John McCain I love you June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Jimmy Hoffa from Beverly Hills, CA
Thank you John McCain I love that you sell me golf gear so I can support you on the golf course. I hope that you and George W. Bush can get the whitehouse again in 2009. Bush deserves a 3rd term!

I can't believe what John McCain is packing! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Richard C. Mongler from Virginia Beach, VA United States
These balls are fantastic. I tell you, I've tried many balls, but these are by far the best. Entirely white, rolling John McCain's balls around in my hands is a pure pleasure. I can feel each individual dimple, and they're so adorable up close, the way I like to examine balls to ensure the highest quality.

The downside is that these golf balls almost feel like they've been painted over something that was once pasty white and older than one might think. If I press hard enough I think I can feel some scars, but then again it's never a good idea to press too hard on one's balls. Nevertheless, it might be why these balls tend to get stuck in quagmires or sand.

If you've got George W. Bush's golf pack, you'll probably like this one. Their balls look almost exactly alike when they're sitting right next to each other and they perform in the same fashion. I know I have my own personal balls that have always worked for me, but I think I could spend hours playing with John McCain's!

Father's Day Balls June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Pearl Robledick from Mount Redding, West Virginia
Hi, I bought these balls for my husband, because I thought he needed a pair. i never expected them to be so white and hard. Thank you Senator John McCain for giving new balls and a new swing to an old geezer!

Four more years June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Bob Lee from Park City, UT United States
of enjoyable golf. This set will last at least that long, if not longer. Heck, this set may last the 50-100 years we remain in Iraq (God willing).

Yours balls are trully big McCain June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Dehydrated baby from New York, NY United States
I will very much enjoy having a good hit at them while I think of the soldiers you want to keep in Iraq for the next 100 years.

You punks get back to your Obama site June 11, 2008
Reviewer: John McCain from Barrington, RI United States
I'll git ya! And when I do, I'll kick you in the balls so hard that you'll never mock an old man's wrinkled testes ever again!

They last forever June 11, 2008
Reviewer: LVA Forkush from Sherman Oaks, CA United States
My friend George says these balls will last 50 years, but then I heard that Senator McCain said, "Make it one hundred."

I'm going to invest my children's future with John McCain's balls!

I miss golf June 11, 2008
Reviewer: George Bush from The White House
Does this mean Senator McCain won't be giving up golf in support of the troops?

Even I gave up golf because of my knee injury... I mean in support of the troops. Yeah. That's what I meant.

a golf pack i can believe in June 11, 2008
Reviewer: grover sald from chico, CA United States
america is strong. the communists
think we have a 10 trilliion dollar
debt and diminished moral standing
but i play golf and i know better.

These balls are fantastic! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: joe lieberman from washington, DC United States
I couldn't live without balls like these. They've taken at least a dozen strokes off my game! Thank you John, I can't imagine an afternoon without you or George there beside me. Those ungrateful Democrats will never understand how we feel about each other.

McCain Golf Pack Reviews – Page 1

Are these balls soft or hard? June 11, 2008
Reviewer: John McCain from Washington, DC United States
Will they spin off the short irons and hold the White House or will they overshoot the dream and land in a bunker for 100 years?

Will I turn to my (lobbyist) caddy, who carries my bag around for me and chew him out, or will we light up another cigar and plot our next big land giveaway? They were there for me when I was last on the money list in New Hampshire, don't you think I will be there for them if I win.

Balls? June 11, 2008
Reviewer: john mccain from washington, DC United States
Balls? Balls? What am I going to do with these pasty old balls? Pancakes I said! I WANT PANCAKES!!!! pancakes.

This is so sweeeeet! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Barry O'Bama from Washington, DC United States
My friends, this is the best gift ever to send to the troops in Iraq! I'm sure they would love to be playing out of the bunkers with these goodies. It would probably make up for the fact they won't be home for Father's Day or for the 4000+ of them who are already home but won't be playing golf this weekend.

Thrill of a lifetime June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Hotto Trot from Washington
I can't believe I got my hands on John McCain's balls! only a few hundred skanks, heiresses and hot female lobbyists could say the same. Until now. Me love you long time, Johnny!

It is sooo beautiful June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Brigham Oldfukker from Arcata, CA United States
Your ballbag is just what I have been looking for, not too fuzzy. Only problem, how do I get the wrinkles out?

Fantastic balls Johnny June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Jack Meehoff from your town, AE United States
I was so surprised to see your balls here. I thought the President kept them for you. I have a question though.
If you think torture is a good way to gather important information, what was the important info you gave up while you were being tortured. Did it help the enemy at the time ? Love ya...see ya on the links Johnny cakes

Mccain you call this WMD June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Kim Jong il from Pyongyang, North Korea
Your balls are tiny compared to my huge North Korean balls ! I have a huge missile. Suck it hard suck it hard you puny Americans. If you don't obey I will tickle you or give you Chinese water torture!

Ample balls for my bag... June 11, 2008
Reviewer: John Waters from Baltimore, MD United States
I enjoy using the balls for teabagging when a partner isn't available. they are great for use in 'fore' play to helicoptering your partner into a frenzied state on the 19th hole!

where are these made? June 11, 2008
Reviewer: True American Patriot for McCain from detroit, MI United States
Taiwan, Vietnam or China? I'm curious if anybody knows because I couldn't find it on the website.

Cannot recommend this product June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Cathy fromEncino from Encino, CA United States
Our President is refusing to play golf so he can Support Our Troops. By selling a golf kit, John McCain is Betraying Our Commander In Chief.

I am so disappointed.