Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lieberman Must Go

Lieberman Must Go

I saw just a tiny bit of the video at that site. Right at the beginning it mentions an "unlikely love affair" between Lieberman and George Bush, and shows Bush's famous "smooch" with Lieberman.

I wish I could discern this, could fathom this, what went wrong with Lieberman. How could a guy as apparently smart as he is be so swayed by a liar and crook like George W. Bush? It blows my mind that here we have our own Democratic VP nominee from 2000, a complete traitor to his party, which was behind him all the way at that time. There's something surreal about it. The guy went off track and never got back on. He stabbed us all in the back. Very weird.

I remember when he was running for president in 2004, of course on our Democratic ticket. He wasn't claiming big Republican allegiance, which I'm pretty sure I would remember. So whether it was a trojan horse thing or what, who knows? I still know a guy who thinks Lieberman would've been a great Democratic nominee this year! To which the only answer is twofold: 1) Whatever; and, 2) Why am I talking to you again?

My biggest memory of Lieberman running in 2004 was this: For some unexplainable reason, I was watching C-SPAN's "Road to the White House." And they had Lieberman touring a boating, hunting, fishing, mobile home show in Oklahoma. The place took up what must've been several football fields in space. And there was old hushpuppy Joe Lieberman, which his lazy voice wandering from booth to booth, chatting casually with the vendors, children, and patrons. I was transfixed, really. I watched it to the end. There was a water-skiing squirrel in there somewhere. Lieberman was asking children their names. And if one was a biblical name, he was mentioning it and its history. It was so trivial and interesting at the same time.

I wasn't for him of course. At the time I was for Dean. But I figured he was OK as also-rans go. I sure wasn't expecting such a grand betrayal on his part, which is very disappointing.

Joe Lieberman went over to the dark side -- it doesn't make any sense, but it happened. It would be really nice, let's say we get a big enough majority in November, to see him finally kicked to the curb. Assuming he doesn't wake up, come back, and make nice once again.

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