Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain Thinks Two Wrongs Make a Right

I live up on Idealist Mountain. The air is very rarefied up here. We walk around in flimsy robes that move easily with the breeze, but, alas, they aren't see-through. But that doesn't usually matter -- because our minds are extremely focused, always studying or meditating and trying to influence society below and consciousness above.

Idealist Mountain is a place where Greek-like gods live right above us, then we Idealists are in the middle, then there's a path leading to us which is guarded by fierce goats, which never let anyone else in. By never I mean they don't usually let anyone else in. But once in a while, if we know someone who should be allowed in is coming we distract the goats and the person is able to get in unseen. Then when they fail to live by Ideals, we send them out for fresh air and the goats eat them.

Here on Idealist Mountain we think a lot -- tons -- about relativism and absolutes. The things of ethics consume a lot of our time. And in our free time we play Scruples, so that's not much of a break.

Today, I cast my eyes down upon the doings of the Earth for a few minutes. And I noted with a sad spirit that John McCain was criticizing Barack Obama's decision to finance his campaign with the donations of supporters. That is, Obama opted out of the flawed system of so-called public financing. This was wrong -- very very wrong -- McCain felt, something that should not be done. It was disappointing to him, disturbing. He was grieved. He was at his wit's end on how to respond in a way that makes sense of something so wrong.

But then it all comes out, after he says that Obama's move to drop out of the system "should be disturbing to all Americans" that he may decide to opt out, too. Let me repeat that last bit with a little emphasis: and that he, McCain, may decide to opt out, too.

Do two wrongs make a right? John McCain, the only principled politician in the history of the world, feels he has to do something that "should be disturbing to all Americans" just because someone else did it? No! In our exalted thoughts up here on Idealist Mountain, that is what we call relativism, not principles. It is a principle, the principle of expediency -- evil communications corrupt good manners.

So, we send this word down from on high to John McCain, and this is from not just me, this includes the Greek-like gods and the mean man-eating goats: Don't do it! Don't sell out your soul! Don't sell out your principles! Stick to what you know is right! Never mind it if Obama has $300 million and you're sitting there with your last dollar and one dime to call the pawn shop to see what time they close. You do the right thing and we'll rally to your side. You'll be president simply by virtue of your virtue!

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