Monday, June 30, 2008

The Tired Terrorist Card

Joe Lieberman is out there playing that same old tired terrorist card once again. It turns out, once again, that we can never get away, that we absolutely need the Republicans to keep the presidency in perpetuity because... here it comes... repeat after me... the terrorists are going to get us otherwise.

It looks like the Republicans have given the victory to the terrorists. The actual truth is that they just got lucky on 9/11, with our own government (Republicans) asleep at the switch. But now, thanks to Bush's lack of vigilance and the luck they had that one day, we need to live in fear forever.

The old terrorist card is getting very very tired. But not so much, apparently, that they won't keep playing it. The Republicans' politics of fear needs to be rejected once and for all.

(As for Holy Joe, the faster he's kicked to the curb, the happier we'll be.)

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