Monday, August 31, 2009

Tom Ridge Backpedals, Changes Story

5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. There it is.

Tom Ridge, under no pressure from absolutely no one, suddenly and for no reason other than his own determination, suffering no influence from anyone, changed his story about being pressured by Bush administration colleagues to raise the terror level during the 2004 campaign or any other time.

Yes, it seems it is still in print that that is what he said a few weeks ago, and meant to say. But now he realizes, no, nothing of the sort occurred.

We'll post details if we find them, of his thinking process. Because we are absolutely sure that there has been no outside influence on this decision to revisit his thoughts and re-remember them differently. As far as any pressure, again, we can lay all that to rest. It didn't happen. It's not happening now. It will not happen in the future.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Find Dick Cheney Offensive

Where is that hallowed hiding place this criminal spent the last eight years? Can we broaden the perks of the ex-vice presidency to allow him to go there again, burrow in, and never reappear. I'll chip in 20 bucks if Dick Cheney will go there and leave us alone.

This criminal is always popping up his head, trying to tamp down any investigations of his criminal past, of engaging in torture, crimes against humanity.

Now they're doing the least little investigation -- nothing like the full blown no holds barred baring of the truth that we need -- and here he is again, slithered forth from his hole, to object once again.

Cheney says any investigation "offends the hell out of me." You know what, most criminals would probably just as soon no one investigated them. I really would guess that the guy who knocks off a liquor store hopes he'll get away and no one will pursue him.

Come to think of it, I would guess the prisons are full of people who would've liked it if no one pursued and caught them. They probably would've liked it later if they would've dropped all the charges and let them go free. I suppose that's true.

I don't expect Cheney to go to prison -- which is what he likely deserves -- because he's a big time criminal, the kind we can't usually touch. So he's free to get on TV and spout about it. But he ought to at least have the decency to shut his mouth. But of course if he had any decency in the first place he wouldn't be in this predicament.

You know, for a guy who about died of a heart attack in 1999, this guy must've had some great healthcare. We need him as a poster child for healthcare reform. I want whatever healthcare it is that's kept Dick Cheney kicking and doing evil all these years. Still evil after all these years!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sheriff Admits Doing Bad Job In Dugard Case

Sheriff Admits Doing Bad Job In Dugard Case. Duh, ya think?

The sheriff is Warren E. Rupf, out in California, around Antioch.

They actually had a 911 call in 2006 in which it was reported that Phillip Garrido was a psychotic sex addict who was housing children in tents in his backyard. They didn't adequately investigate a report like that?! What would it take to get these clowns' attention, free donuts at the Quickie Mart?

"Uh, all units ... we have a report of a psychotic sex addict ... yeah, uh, says he's housing children in tents in his backyard ... I know it sounds crazy ... Hey, while you're in the area, pick us up some donuts."

Then in 2008, there was an unannounced visit, during which some investigators were checking on sexual predators, but they didn't notice the weird backyard activities, all the business going on behind an eight foot fence.

"Nothing to see here, men, and remember, the more you see, the more paperwork there'll be. [Wink, wink]. Have a great weekend!"

Sheriff Rupf said, “Organizationally, we should have been more inquisitive or curious and turned over a rock or two ... We should have had a better result.”

"Antioch -- A great place to live -- Low crime, at least we haven't noticed any!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dump Chuck!

"Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wants (you guessed it) yet more time to reach a health care compromise on the Senate Finance Committee."

What - in - the - world - do - we - care - what - Chuck - Grassley - wants?

Is there any human way to get something done in the Senate without this guy as a roadblock? How is it that when the Democrats won big in 2008 that Chuck Grassley became all powerful?

Could we please have some action from Harry Reid and the Democrats that resembles something that would show that we indeed won the election?

When I heard about our side bringing a gun to a knife fight, I thought that meant we were ready to rumble. Not ready to capitulate every day of the week.

Now Grassley doesn't think we can get healthcare in September ... probably said in his stupidest lumbering voice ... And I could guess October is off the table, and don't expect much in November, and December is definitely out ...

Dump Chuck Grassley! The idea that this clown has a veto over the will of the people is a joke that's gone on long enough.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harry Reid and The Senate

Healthcare reform is dragging on. It seems a long time ago that they were trying to get a bill before August. Now it's maybe before Christmas.

But it sounds like Harry Reid is still putting the threat of reconciliation out there:

Discussing health care, Reid told the crowd of several hundred that he would prefer bipartisan legislation on health care reform rather than a bill with only Democratic support. Reid said he planned to "work for a couple of weeks" at giving bipartisan efforts a chance when Congress reconvenes in early September. If Democrats' olive branches fail with Republicans, though, then Senate Democrats will go ahead with a reconciliation process that requires just 51 votes rather than a filibuster-proof 60 votes, Reid said. The move would allow Democrats to pass a bill without any Republican votes.
I would guess about the middle of September, the Republicans will ask for "an extension," will propose a "back to the drawing board" kind of thing with "pledges of bipartisanship." Reid will accept this as a good faith gesture. The actual goal of getting anything done will be extended virtually indefinitely, till after the first of the year, then perhaps March, or July at the latest. By then Reid will finally notice the Republicans' scheme. Of course they will have been undermining the efforts continuously throughout this whole time, obvious to all but Harry.

Then when August of 2010 rolls around, we'll be in the full swing of the midterm election and it will be too late. Then the Republicans will suggest we wait till January when the new senators and representatives are seated. And you get the idea ...

Does the Senate ever get anything accomplished? I suppose I could look it up. But have they done anything in the last two months besides vote on Sonia Sotomayor?

The Blue Dogs Don't Represent Us

Nice article about a sickening subject. The selling out of our "representatives" to the big money interests, in this case the pharmaceutical industry, big hospitals, the very people who have a vested interest in keeping their thumb on us.

The Blue Dog so-called Democrats are bringing in tons of money from these crooks. And sucking it up willingly, then screwing us over, denying what we voted for in the last election.

If there's any greater sign that we need reform, I don't know what it'd be. These crooks are in this simply for what they can get. And every time they raise our rates and say you can't do anything about it, or deny coverage, we know who we have to thank for it. Their representatives, bought and paid for. The Republicans and these traitorous Blue Dog "Democrats."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Deathapalooza

I'm not in the mood for another famous death with all the trimmings, this time with Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

I liked him fine and wish we had 99 more senators just like him. But I won't be watching all the crap that's very likely to be shown on TV the next couple of days.

Especially from any of the totally worthless Republican party who will probably be out shedding a few crocodile tears to great public display.

As for Senator Kennedy, I liked him and all the Kennedys. But I never got over Chappaquiddick. It was always in the back of my mind -- and not very far back -- when it came to Teddy. It was a painful thing, because I always figured he had his political viability at heart in the aftermath. That was a downer.

Still, he's passed on now. So we can get someone else in there to carry on the good work. And get healthcare reform passed once and for all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The GOP -- The Unserious Party

When it comes to responsible governing, the GOP can't do it when they're in power. And when they're out of power, they don't want anyone else to do it.

Now that health care issues are on the table, you'd think this would be the time for some serious debate and discussion, maybe some reasonable perspective from the loyal opposition. O that we had one!

Instead the Republicans are irresponsible misfits, vandals.

The Republicans hate Medicare. Always have, always will. But now they're even posing as Medicare's defenders. Their lying and hypocrisy have no bounds. They're making it up as they go along, anything to stick it to Obama, and by extension, the rest of us.

Fortunately, a lot of people have the GOP's number. According to the Wall Street Journal, the AARP welcomed the Republicans' commitment to protect medicare, but dismissed their statement on the subject as misleading and alarmist.

John Rother, their executive vice president, said "the proposed Medicare savings do not limit benefits, they do not impose rationing and they do not put the government between patients and their doctors." So there! There's a disconnect between what the Republicans say and what is the reality.

Mr. Rother said that AARP was frustrated by the lack of concrete proposals being put forward on the Republican side of the debate. "The debate as I see it doesn't even focus on health care," Mr. Rother said. "It is all about the role of government and the importance of the federal deficit."
The Journal article notes the great irony in all this, that Medicare is the government's largest health care program and those lining up to "defend" Medicare are against government's involvement in health care.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm not up on the procedures of the Senate, but they say there's a procedure called "Reconcilation" by which we can get healthcare reform.

If so, do it. Whatever it takes. And, good grief, stop talking about it and do it.

It looks, though, like the Democrats want to wait till the middle of September for some reason. Perhaps to give the Republicans more time to lie through their teeth about everything under the sun. For supposedly being so "moral," the Republicans do a lot of lying.

Apparently however this procedure works, the Republicans used it themselves for the tax cuts of Bush's years. So they haven't got anything to squawk about, which of course won't stop them.

I don't really see any reason to wait till September. They're not going to come around. They're just looking for any way -- by hook or crook -- to kill healthcare reform and keep us in the back pocket of the insurance industry. (We know who Congress, a large part of it, represents. Crooks.)

Get it done. We've gone from "Yes We Can" to "Get It Done."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rolling Stone Jonas Brothers Edition

I was at the store and saw a Rolling Stone commemorative Jonas Brothers collectible edition. And I thought, What?

I thought Rolling Stone was a little more high brow rock than that. But I haven't really been keeping up as well as I used to. So maybe things have changed.

There were the usual "16" types of magazines as well -- I didn't really see them but I figure they were there since they usually are. And Rolling Stone. Hmm.

Do I like the Jonas Brothers? Yes, I do. Although all I have by them is one album, the one before last, the one that has "Burnin' Up" and several other great songs. I listened to it non-stop for a few weeks. It was great. And I know Rolling Stone gave it a very good review.

I'm not someone who likes them to the point of buying the magazines, etc. Those days are gone for me. It would take the reincarnation of Elvis Presley to do it for me, which almost happened with Adam Lambert, at least in part. I did buy the Rolling Stone with Adam on it and also Lady Gaga.

But this Jonas edition is not the regular magazine but a special edition, like the whole thing is dedicated to all things Jonas. I just glanced through it so I didn't pick up any great trivia.

Is this really what's happening with Rolling Stone? Or is this just a cash-in thing?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Zonks of Hope, Arkansas

Zonksmania is hitting Dairy Queens everywhere. There they are! It's always 1967 and they're always standing on the wildest DQ truck I've ever seen. With a great looking drum that has two arrows that remind me of The Who's one arrow.

They've been performing at the DQ in Hope, Arkansas. And that's all we know about them.

I looked them up several months ago, probably over a year ago by now, and didn't find anything. But I tried again today and got a link to one of them, Buzz Andrews. Buzz says he's the one in the prison pants.

I have played music for 46 years. Played my first paid gig in 1963. I started playing with a garage band named the ZONKS out of Hope, Arkansas. We stayed together all the way through college and played high school and college parties and dances. We got hooked up with Dairy Queen in 1968 and played some stuff for them and the picture of the ZONKS can be seen in all the new Dairy Queens across the country. I'm the one in the prison pants. I moved on from that band and joined a bluegrass band, The Bluegrass Express.
Now he's performing as BUZZ ANDREWS, One Man Band.

I love the Zonks' picture, but it would seem that's all there is to it. Which is sad. Because what's more romantic than a band roaming the countryside waiting for a rock 'n' roll musical to break out? Screaming girls chasing behind. Boys crazy with the excitement of being the next big thing.

I want to hear tapes from their gigs. Demos. Or know they exist. Was there a 45? See whatever posters they had. See their business card. Publicity that says, "THIS SATURDAY AT DAIRY QUEEN" or whatever. Memorabilia. Newspaper clippings. Other photos. I want to know all about it. Come on, Buzz, identify the other guys and what they're doing now. Give us something!

Does it bug anyone else that we don't know more about The ZONKS?

Until we get more, all we have is this one single beautiful picture at Dairy Queen.

Went For A Major Bike Ride

I haven't been on my bike too many times this year, a few times. Like on the 4th of July, a few times to the post office, over to see some friends across town once, then today.

We went for a major bike ride around, over by a camping area, cruising through there, maybe five or six miles today.

It was fun. I'm very relaxed on a bike, my senses fairly alert to stuff going on around me. It's like being a kid again, seeing everything from that angle.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Lost My Glasses -- Also Found Them

Good grief, kick me sideways. I lost my stupid glasses.

One day about three weeks ago it was my car keys. And I had to look all around frantically, without any idea where they were. Oh, it's such a waste of time and so mind numbing.

I'm thinking, Where could they be? They're nowhere I normally put them. What if someone wants me to go somewhere with them? I'll be like, Wait for an indeterminate amount of time till I find my glasses. Making it sound like a flimsy excuse.

I had been moving some stuff around, trying for the millioneth time to tackle a room and clean it up. I didn't succeed. I had my candles, which I thought were hermetically sealed since that time I had the olfactory hallucinations real bad back in October. I was going to take them outside and open them to see how many demons came streaming out. Then I looked closely at it and it wasn't hermetically sealed at all, but it was a plastic box that has a little slot where air can get in and out.

That's all beside the point really, because I'm not going to go outside till I find my glasses. So I'm upstairs, I'm downstairs, I'm looking in the same stinking places. I'm looking in places where I wasn't even at, weird places. I think they're in a place, they're not. I'm getting hyper. My dog knows there's something terribly wrong. She's not following me even though I'm not a mean person. I'm not taking it out on anyone.

Could they be in the garage? That's where my keys had ended up. But no, even though I was in the garage, I didn't stop for anything long enough to take my glasses off. Are they on the bookcase? They're nowhere. It's crazy. They might be on the floor. I might be stepping on them.

I remembered I took a nap but I was already in my bedroom three times looking in the usual places.

As it turned out I went into my bedroom one more time ... and thankfully, there they were in a slightly different place than I normally put them, but nowhere out of sight, nowhere I shouldn't have noticed them in the first place. But I was impatient, feeling frantic, like this might go on for days.

So now I know where my glasses are. Also my phone. Also my car keys. Also my house keys. My checkbook is setting here. My wallet is on the table. The dog's at my side. As of this very moment, insofar as I know, there is nothing lost.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Gigantic Bible

I bought a gigantic Bible at a thrift store.

There's no doubt I didn't need it. But there it was, looking very cool and enormous. And there I was. So I got it.

It's an 1874 family Bible with some dates, the certificate of marriage filled in, etc. And it's big. The cover alone, I'm just estimating, has to be a pound or two.

What I'm going to do with it except read from it once in a while, I don't know. I keep thinking, Why buy more stuff? What am I going to do with so much stuff?

But it's too late now because I already have it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blowhard Boehner -- Such A Liar

From Wall St. Journal:

"From day one, the White House has taken a go-it-alone approach on health care," said House Minority Leader John Boehner (R, Ohio). "The administration rejected our efforts to work together, choosing instead to craft a costly government takeover of health care."
Right, and if you trust anything that comes out of John Boehner's lying mouth, you've made a huge mistake.

The "go-it-alone" approach is why the Democrats couldn't get this done before the August recess, I'm assuming. When they were trying in vain to work out a bipartisan solution.

And the Republicans' "efforts to work together" are like the lion tamer sticking his head in the lion's mouth. If the lion keeps biting the guy's head off it tends to ruin the act. This kind of "working together" we don't need.

I suppose their complete idiocy about "Death Panels" and "Pulling the plug on Grandma" was just more "working together."

Health Cared Out

I'm about health care reformed out. I hate the whole process going on. It's a dreary drag.

Anonymous sources from the White House seem to be poo-pooing the public option, which, I thought I heard President Obama laying out pretty well in a news conference some months ago. They also seem to be dumping on their base, their supporters, fellow Democrats, and basically anyone who's been for them. But with the Republicans -- who hate their guts -- they want to play nice and have bipartisanship.

I've never been to Washington, D.C. But even so, from where I live I can see clearly that the Republicans are trying to torpedo the whole health care reform effort. If there's someone in the White House who thinks the Republicans are acting in good faith, it would be a good time to pull that person's resume and see what they did for a living before.

This morning there were several stories about the Democrats "going it alone" on health care, which I'm all for, if they can get it done. But we have several Democrats who appear to be as worthless as the Republicans, including Ben Nelson and Max Baucus. Whether these polecats can get on board is left to be determined.

But until we get there ... I think I'll go down to the factory and watch them make sausage ... it's a more appealing sight.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Healthcare Bill DOA Without Public Option

Good, I guess. We put our hopes in President Obama to get this done. But if it's not going to be done right, with a public option, then I hope it is Dead On Arrival.

I'm trying to reserve judgment, not really knowing all the facts, but I'm seriously hoping President Obama knows what he's doing. So far I'm disappointed that he's allowing the Republicans to drag him around by his nose. It's his legacy, but we're the ones who suffer.

It's time for him to channel his inner piranha -- his inner George W. Bush, if you will -- and take charge. I don't remember five minutes during the entire Bush administration where they cared what the Democrats thought. Why do the Republicans even have a place at the table?

We desperately need a decent healthcare system in this country. What we have now is insane. But if President Obama can't get it done, we may as well wait for the next guy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Suddenly Ill, Can't Go On

I've suddenly taken ill and don't think I can go on.

[Cough, cough, cough, spit, spat, sput.]

OK, I think it's better. Just something in my throat, I guess, a tickle there, needed to cough.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Health Care Thing

I can't believe the way it seems, that President Obama is getting his ass handed to him. I say it seems that way. But maybe it's just because I get most of my news from the internet, where everything is super inflamed all the time.

I hope he knows what he's doing on this health care thing.

Personally I think he has all kinds of power to turn it around. But, in my opinion, and what I know is limited by an extreme amount of ignorance, I don't think playing nice is going to get it done. And I certainly don't think cozying up to the Republicans is paying off.

For instance, Sen. Grassley. The man is a snake. Why assume he's going to help the Democrats (the loyal ones) get a decent health care program? And the other Republicans, they're equally lost causes. They have too big an investment in this country's failure. They know their road to success is for Obama to fail, so they can crow about it. Then we'll have troubles, when these Republican criminals get back in office!

OK, I assume the Republicans are going to play nasty. But I don't assume the Democrats are going to. I hate these so-called Democrats who are derailing Obama's program. Ben Nelson, Max Baucus, other lesser-known ones, this screwball in the House from Arkansas, and others. I'd like to flush these guys down the pot and start over with fresh water in those states.

And Harry Reid. I don't know what's in that man's underpants. But he probably never needs new ones, because there's not enough heft and motion down there to wear the old ones out. Whether the man can accomplish anything is still up for debate.

Now it seems like the White House is wavering on the public option. They're open to compromise with these monkeys. Good grief. Does the President not have the power to kick some booty and get things done? Is it just my imagination, or did George W. Bush get virtually everything he wanted? (I know he didn't get to foul up Social Security, but that's just one exception that basically proves the rule.) The creep got the Iraq war approved, with Democratic appeasement!

George Bush for all his faults -- don't get me started -- knew how to get his way. President Obama needs to quit being Mr. Nice Guy. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Play hardball with these guys. Cut their legs out from under them. Use the power of the White House to bull your way through to a decent health care program!

What I'm seeing these days is ridiculous.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bob Dylan

I need to run into Bob Dylan out for a walk, like these two Jersey cops did. They didn't recognize him and had to get him vouched for by some other people who knew him.

I should be so lucky, since I really like Bob Dylan.

But in their defense, I guess ... well, I can't think of any defense. I was going to say just because a guy says he's Bob Dylan in the dark doesn't mean he is. But take a look at him. It's Bob Dylan, you idiots! (Still, that is not a bad defense, now that I think of it.)

I'm glad to hear Bob was "cool" about it, which is what I would expect. This sounds like an encounter he would love. I don't know, maybe anonymity is a nice feeling when you're famous. I helped out with a program for children recently. Then I was in a restaurant and two of the kids were there. They saw me, not normally knowing me, and were going, "There's that guy..." etc. Then they kept looking at me, smiling, occasionally waving. And I said, This is what famous people get all the time. How terrible!

I'm not a creepy kind of fan, but I'd like to know Bob Dylan. After the first flush of "Oh wow!" I'm sure it would be very normal.

But he needs to take a walk someplace I am, because, not being a creepy kind of fan, I'm not chasing after him.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oops, Grassley Hypocrisy Watch

Oh my. When Senator Charles Grassley was young and irresponsible it seems he was young and irresponsible. What else can justify this kind of erratic behavior?

The other day he said Grandma was up for death if we had health care reform. Because of these provisions for "end of life" counseling. Of course it's all just a lie, but that doesn't stop the Republicans.

Now, it turns out he voted for the exact same thing in 2003. A big fat "Yea" for the exact same thing!

And Reps. John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.), are in the same bind, voting in 2003 for something they call a "Death Panel" now.

So which is it, hypocrites?

Krauthammer's Blurb

I don't read Charles "The Corpse" Krauthammer's columns anymore, because all he writes are worthless screeds against President Obama. Like if Obama flipped a coin and it came up heads, it should've been tails. And of course vice versa. (But amazingly, when George Bush snored, to Krauthammer it sounded like a symphony.)

But just because I don't read him, it doesn't mean I don't see the blurb on the WaPo's homepage. Today's sounded about typical for his nitpicking.

To paraphrase: 'President Obama says preventative care will save money. That's nonsense." That in a nutshell is Krauthammer's column.

Isn't it common sense that preventative care has the tendency to save money and trouble down the road? Like with your car? Taking care of your children? Fixing up your house? And, yes, with your health? Of course we all eventually die, so maybe we could say it would save money just to die and get it over with. Is that the Republicans' new argument?

This must be what they think when they veto children's lunches, breakfasts, and offer them lead paint chips with their sandwich. Why eat? What are you trying to prevent? Preventing things is for suckers, Charles Krauthammer says.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

John Edwards -- One Thing's True

I like this sentence out of an article about John Edwards:

Edwards has declined interviews, the newspaper said, but in his last statement in May, he said he had not used funds inappropriately and he looked forward to a conclusion to the matter.
Out of all of Edwards' lies, this is something I believe, that he probably does look forward to a conclusion to the matter. Who wouldn't?

He should've concluded the matter before it started, the big dope.

I remember the heat of the primary season (not that kind of heat), over at Daily Kos, we had some fervent Edwards' supporters, whom I not-so-lovingly called "bliss bunnies," I don't believe to their faces. They were a weird bunch, with many loving videos to Edwards, almost like teenyboppers with their favorite Jonas Brother.

One thing about the bliss bunnies, you dared not say anything bad about John Edwards. O, woe is me, they'd complain, leave us in peace to worship John Edwards and go back to your own place!

It was one of the most sickening daily posts, the EENR (the Edwards Evening News Roundup), there could ever be. I still feel repulsed just at the memory of it. Teenybopper heaven.

Of course when the news was being leaked about Edwards and his campaign worker having an affair, it was like telling them one of the Care Bears slept around. They were dizzy with denials. And of course the limited credibility of the National Enquirer was always an issue.

Then Edwards admitted it all, but by then he was long gone from the primary and had earned his loss. The whole thing about a kid being his, that was dismissed as a lot of fantasy, because this other guy, Andrew Young, had claimed paternity.

Now it's being rumored about, including by the National Enquirer, that Edwards is about to admit paternity, that DNA confirmed it, etc. So if that happens, one more nail in the coffin.

To me -- and I believe I said this a year ago -- if Edwards denied his own kid for political gain, that's worse than denying the affair. Gee, Daddy, I love you, too!

The short version of this whole story: John Edwards is a scumbag. He was then, he is now.

P.S. - His wife isn't any better.

The People Of Pennsylvania

I've been watching Sen. Specter's townhall meeting, with so many totally boorish people from Pennsylvania.

They're screaming out, trying to shout him down, just venting their idiocy. (Where were these idiots during the Bush years? Oh, right, they weren't being led by the nose back then by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the corporate lobbyists to protest. Such morons, fighting against their own interests.)

One moron said we can't have health care, that it's "unconstitutional" because the Founding Fathers didn't write it in. So ... hmmm ... there goes the Air Force.

One pre-med student said he's already a quarter million dollars in debt. "What incentives are there for me to become a doctor?" Uhhh, maybe paying back your debt, Doctor Dumb. You really think doctors are going to be making minimum wage? Doctor Braniac also thinks there's a problem with the number of "czars" we have. Wow, that's lame.

Number 28 didn't have a microphone so I don't know what she said.

Another guy called him (or someone) "a socialist, fascist pig" and walked out. Good riddance to that guy.

The last guy who had a question just rambled on ... blah blah blah.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Charles Grassley Is A Liar

Senator Grassley just threw away whatever credibility he had.

It's now time for President Obama to quit playing nice with these Republican cretins. It's now time to get some things accomplished. Quit pretending you're going to sway these people to our side.

Kick some butt.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guns Around The President

Does anyone remember people being allowed to carry guns to George W. Bush's events? I sure don't. In my opinion it would be out of the question, absolutely.

But now, we have this guy, William Kostric, who not only carries a gun to the event with President Obama, but goes on TV like it's a very normal, acceptable thing to do. It's outrageous. How did our standards change so fast?

There ought to be something done about this guy and anyone like him. I just can't believe, let's say, a year ago when we had a Republican president, that this sort of thing was allowed. You're telling me this is the way it is now?

Was it perfectly acceptable that Lee Harvey Oswald brought a gun to see Kennedy? I wish he hadn't.

Republicans Against Health Care

What the Republicans are really afraid of on this health care issue is that it will work in a great way and people will like it.

They have this idiotic theory that government can't do anything right, then they stand, salute, and praise the military. A government thing.

The weirdest ones are the unreflective idiots who say, "Keep the guv'munt out of my Medicare. Keep Medicare in private hands." Fools.

Or the Social Security recipients who are suddenly against government programs. "Keep guv'munt out of my Social Security."

I hope the Republicans do stand strong against this. And that Obama rams it down their throats ... and that it turns out to be popular.

Then let the Republicans to the voters hat-in-hand, like they already have with the stimulus, "We were for it all along."

Anything ... those hypocrites will show their true disgusting colors on anything ...They swallowed Bush's camels and choke on Obama's gnats.

The Republican party makes the fur on my neck stand up. Why do I have with fur on my neck? I need it there if it's going to stand up, silly.

Anyway, I saw Obama on TV, delightful, making sense. Then we have the Republicans, scuzballs, flaky turncoats. There's no competition!

The Displeased Parent Motif

When it comes to member care, aren't there supposed to be various amenities to keep me happy, contented, and willing to keep tweeting?

Even if it's something as worthless as an "Attaboy" or participation certificate, at least it's something to tell my Mom about. A gold star?

She's sitting in a nursing home waiting for me to visit. But she's going to remain very lonely indeed until I have something to show her.

I told her the other day I had a thousand followers. When the actual number is somewhere under 100. If she finds out it'll break her heart.

She doesn't have that much to live for anyway, just the pride she has in her boy's achievements. Which hasn't been much to hang her life on.

A little bit of sympathy would be nice, at least, in the absence of something tangible I could present, like documentation of my success.

Consider this a cry for help, not so much for me, because I'm young, I can afford to fail. But she's old, feeble, drawing her last breath.

And at this point I don't expect she'll take my word for it. I'm going to need a printout, a screenshot, something notarized, very official.

One of my followers is trying to save an old building, a museum. Name a room after me, a shelf, anything, just so it makes the nightly news.

The dbkundalini Memorial Shelf, on which we place trinkets from 1716, stuff almost 300 years old, doilies, Dolly Madison's underpants.

Dear Mother, I'm going to Israel, the holy land like you always wanted me to. I'm investing all your money in orange trees. Wish me luck.

Isn't that something from 'Ulysses'? Correct me if I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong, because then I'll own the very valuable copyright on it.

Thank you. The Displeased Parent motif if very important to our psyches and literature. And I've been happy to explore it with you.

Death Panel Denies Shriver Reprieve

We say goodbye, fondly, to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who has passed away.

We love the Kennedys (most of them) dearly and express our sympathy to her family.

But death is no respecter of persons, as the old expression goes. Going by 2006 stats, she joined the 6,647.2986 people who die on average on any given day in America.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Death Panels

I never heard such a stupid argument as this, that there are Death Panels.

The argument falls flat with this. If there are Death Panels, why aren't these people afraid?

Ergo, no Death Panels.

It's idiocy of the worst kind.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm Not As Good As I Once Was

I looked it up. The song "As Good As I Once Was" is by Toby Keith. I didn't know that.

I was at the pool yesterday and this song came over the speakers, as clear as a bell. I could sit there and hear the whole thing. Which at first sounded cute, but then as it went on, it seemed endless and trite. I probably don't need to say I don't need the MP3!

The basic point -- and this is a shocking song in the Cialis age -- is that he's getting older and he's simply not as good as he once was. But if push comes to shove, his pride will take over and he'll have to see if he can do it again.

The chorus as a line that I couldn't quite understand, even though I heard it the five or six times it's said, where he says, "But I'm as good once as I ever was." I thought it didn't make sense. But now that I see it in print I can tell what he's getting at. He's great once, then he'll go to sleep. I don't know.

Is it entirely sexual. Or is he talking about sports? Drinking people under the table. It has to be sex.

But is this the kind of song we need? People's failing abilities, aging, losing what they have and lamenting it -- then rising up in pride and giving it one last shove? Will we revisit the subject with a follow up hit ever 10 years?

I don't know how old Toby is, but let's say he's between 40-50. So when he's 60, "I Don't Know That I Can Do It Without A Week's Notice." When he's 70, "I'm Still Able To Imagine What It's Like." At 80, "Nurse, Do You Date Older Guys?" At 90, "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off."

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Down Time

When you are tired and life has given you stress,
There's something you should take: Down time.
Don't let it drag you down 'cause you need your rest,
Go walk beside the lake: Down time.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Palin Claims Her Baby's Marked For Death

The headline is accurate. Sarah Palin says she thinks her baby is marked for death because of healthcare reform. She thinks there's some "Death Panel" that will execute baby Trig.

Leading to a very serious question. At what point does her stupidity and dishonesty become obvious to all?

Civics class discourse, this isn't.

Republican Maniacs

Death threats. Lynching jokes. Poisoned wine. Angry mobs. Racist bluster. Shouted lies.

If the Democrats ever acted like these Republican maniacs when they are out of power, do you think the mainstream media would notice? Of course they would. And poll numbers would descend to the basement.

Fortunately there's always more enlightenment on the Democratic side of things and we at least have basic respect for the rule of law and the responsibilities of citizenship. And yet, whether it's just that they like a good story, or you just tend to go more leniently on the deranged, the media isn't taking the Republicans to task like they should.

It was depressing to wake up in the Bush years and see the Republicans running roughshod over our values. I thought now that we had a respectable Democratic president and Congress that the Republicans would maybe do some introspective soul-searching and see how they might come back, let's say via the route of responsibility and true conservatism. But instead they're regressing to the point of that you expect their next platform to simply read "Civilization be damned, so there." They're even worse now than during the Bush years. It's all roughshod running 24/7.

Personally, I think we may need to fight fire with fire. How exactly that will work I don't know. But our leaders have taken oaths, I believe, to fight enemies foreign and domestic. And what we're getting from the other side, as someone in a WaPo column today called it, is "political terrorism." The Republicans are making themselves an actual enemy of America. Weird turn of events, huh, for all their USA chants? How else do you explain the talk of seceding from the union and all the violent extremism against our institutions and way of life? When they break the law, prosecute. Let the so-called Responsibility Party finally take responsibility for their actions.

Democrats obviously tend to be more mild-mannered, but somehow we're going to have to pull out the stops and get our fellow citizens back to a sane middle if that's possible. The Republicans are like a rabid dog in the corner, foaming at the mouth. And in the long run that's not good for any of us.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


May the Republicans riot themselves right into oblivion.

Some kind of riot is being reported at a health care event in Tampa. People associated with Glenn Beck and right wing interests...

If these people are being violent they need to be arrested, given police records, the whole bit. We have a system in this country that you need to be a good citizen, not a thug.

The Republicans at the top need to get this thing under control.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bolton Decries Journalists' Release

Goodness, how can this man, John Bolton, be so consistently stupid?

It just reminds us, if we need reminded, that there's no enjoying the silver lining without someone looking for the cloud. If Bolton won a million dollars in the lottery, it should've been two.

The two journalists were released from North Korea, Bill Clinton went over and personally got them, all was a happy ending, right? Wrong!

We have to have this twerp John Bolton, who for some reason always steps forward of this kind of stuff with his own spin, to say it's no good. That North Korea got a propaganda victory. Oh boy, what would've been better, for the two to stay in a labor camp for the next 15 years so we could say "We really showed them this time!" ?

No good deed goes unpunished. And with the Republicans, they're always right there to make sure injustice is meted out each time!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sticking With Obama

There's an article that says the GOP, having virtually given up all hopes of making inroads with Hispanics, African-Americans, and virtually all other living creatures, are going to stick with the only group they've had success with, whites. (That would include me, and guess what, whatever they're selling, I ain't buying!)

The Republicans though haven't got anything else going for them. But if they stoke racial tensions, engage in economic fear mongering, and offer up lie after lie about President Obama's policies, The Party Of True Virtue might make some electoral gains.

While I'm not exactly quaking in my boots yet, it does make me queasy, with the same kind of queasiness you feel when you see someone approaching a dog backed in a corner. That's a dog you don't want to pet, at least until he's been pronounced free of rabies by a qualified veterinarian backed up by a half dozen second opinions.

As much as I hate the Republican party, I think it'd be good to have them around. Because let's say at some point we have only the Democratic party, it's going to split, just like you see with the Blue Dogs, and we'll be back to a two-party system. So we may as well stick with the devil we know rather than a newer model. But to stay around, could they please meet us halfway and quit being so out and out crazy? Simply being obstructionist and rooting for the nation's failure is not a positive thing.

I hope 2010 is a big year for the Democrats. And 2012. And as far as I'm concerned right now, every election year thereafter. I am definitely sticking with President Obama. I'm not disaffected in the slightest. Whatever he's proposing on any subject is better than what the Republican alternative is -- or the Republican lack of alternative.

The Republicans screwed this country over royally in the Bush years. It'd be great if they learned from their folly and could come back to be a responsible, loyal opposition.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Birthers' Crazy Crap

Well, it's happening. These people are being laughed at and are widely seen as crackpots and fools.

But you have to hand it to them -- and maybe this is just where the dementia protects them -- they go on and on with their wild theories. The latest is a birth certificate from Kenya that is an obvious fake. The guy who signed it is the name of a brand of soap! (Apparently Proctor N. Gamble was unavailable for a signature that day, so it's the name of a soap from Kenya.)

May I sign your birth certificate for you? What's your name? My name is All Temper Cheer. No, wait, that's too obvious. My name is Irish Spring. That could be an actual name. It is my actual name. I have references to prove it, including my cousin, Lucky Charms.

I wonder what they'd say if Obama's Hawaii birth certificate was signed with the name Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Do you think they'd dispute it?

This is simply crazy crap. It's bizarre, like the Republicans are so lost they aren't even making essential connections with reality. Is this the way back to trust and electoral victory? Simply to act cracked, crazy, demented, and dangerous?

At least they have Lou Dobbs on their side. Bwwwaaaaaa!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Palin-First Dude Split

If the rumors swirling around -- and they've swirled so fast and furious that even the dust bunnies on my floor are spinning -- that Sarah Palin and First Dude Todd are splitting and divorcing are true, that would be interesting. We recall he wanted Alaska to secede from the Union, now he would be seceding from their Union. Or she from it. Or both, if this is a mutual deal.

Who knows what the problem might be? They've come across as the perfect dysfunctional family all these months.

According to what I read, First Ex-Almost Son-in-Law Levi Johnson has a scandalously hot interview coming out at some point. So maybe he'll know something about this. Which makes me wonder how he became an ever running spring of information on the Palins. When he was with the daughter, what was he doing? Spying around corners and taking notes? That took some foresight.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sleep Deprived

I've been deprived of a few hours of sleep over the last few days, each day some.

So I'm feeling a little lost -- meaning I need to do a few things and get to bed. I will try to make it to the exercise place, just to keep my streak alive, but that's it.

Do something and hit the hay.