Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Health Care Thing

I can't believe the way it seems, that President Obama is getting his ass handed to him. I say it seems that way. But maybe it's just because I get most of my news from the internet, where everything is super inflamed all the time.

I hope he knows what he's doing on this health care thing.

Personally I think he has all kinds of power to turn it around. But, in my opinion, and what I know is limited by an extreme amount of ignorance, I don't think playing nice is going to get it done. And I certainly don't think cozying up to the Republicans is paying off.

For instance, Sen. Grassley. The man is a snake. Why assume he's going to help the Democrats (the loyal ones) get a decent health care program? And the other Republicans, they're equally lost causes. They have too big an investment in this country's failure. They know their road to success is for Obama to fail, so they can crow about it. Then we'll have troubles, when these Republican criminals get back in office!

OK, I assume the Republicans are going to play nasty. But I don't assume the Democrats are going to. I hate these so-called Democrats who are derailing Obama's program. Ben Nelson, Max Baucus, other lesser-known ones, this screwball in the House from Arkansas, and others. I'd like to flush these guys down the pot and start over with fresh water in those states.

And Harry Reid. I don't know what's in that man's underpants. But he probably never needs new ones, because there's not enough heft and motion down there to wear the old ones out. Whether the man can accomplish anything is still up for debate.

Now it seems like the White House is wavering on the public option. They're open to compromise with these monkeys. Good grief. Does the President not have the power to kick some booty and get things done? Is it just my imagination, or did George W. Bush get virtually everything he wanted? (I know he didn't get to foul up Social Security, but that's just one exception that basically proves the rule.) The creep got the Iraq war approved, with Democratic appeasement!

George Bush for all his faults -- don't get me started -- knew how to get his way. President Obama needs to quit being Mr. Nice Guy. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Play hardball with these guys. Cut their legs out from under them. Use the power of the White House to bull your way through to a decent health care program!

What I'm seeing these days is ridiculous.

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