Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sticking With Obama

There's an article that says the GOP, having virtually given up all hopes of making inroads with Hispanics, African-Americans, and virtually all other living creatures, are going to stick with the only group they've had success with, whites. (That would include me, and guess what, whatever they're selling, I ain't buying!)

The Republicans though haven't got anything else going for them. But if they stoke racial tensions, engage in economic fear mongering, and offer up lie after lie about President Obama's policies, The Party Of True Virtue might make some electoral gains.

While I'm not exactly quaking in my boots yet, it does make me queasy, with the same kind of queasiness you feel when you see someone approaching a dog backed in a corner. That's a dog you don't want to pet, at least until he's been pronounced free of rabies by a qualified veterinarian backed up by a half dozen second opinions.

As much as I hate the Republican party, I think it'd be good to have them around. Because let's say at some point we have only the Democratic party, it's going to split, just like you see with the Blue Dogs, and we'll be back to a two-party system. So we may as well stick with the devil we know rather than a newer model. But to stay around, could they please meet us halfway and quit being so out and out crazy? Simply being obstructionist and rooting for the nation's failure is not a positive thing.

I hope 2010 is a big year for the Democrats. And 2012. And as far as I'm concerned right now, every election year thereafter. I am definitely sticking with President Obama. I'm not disaffected in the slightest. Whatever he's proposing on any subject is better than what the Republican alternative is -- or the Republican lack of alternative.

The Republicans screwed this country over royally in the Bush years. It'd be great if they learned from their folly and could come back to be a responsible, loyal opposition.

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