Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bob Dylan

I need to run into Bob Dylan out for a walk, like these two Jersey cops did. They didn't recognize him and had to get him vouched for by some other people who knew him.

I should be so lucky, since I really like Bob Dylan.

But in their defense, I guess ... well, I can't think of any defense. I was going to say just because a guy says he's Bob Dylan in the dark doesn't mean he is. But take a look at him. It's Bob Dylan, you idiots! (Still, that is not a bad defense, now that I think of it.)

I'm glad to hear Bob was "cool" about it, which is what I would expect. This sounds like an encounter he would love. I don't know, maybe anonymity is a nice feeling when you're famous. I helped out with a program for children recently. Then I was in a restaurant and two of the kids were there. They saw me, not normally knowing me, and were going, "There's that guy..." etc. Then they kept looking at me, smiling, occasionally waving. And I said, This is what famous people get all the time. How terrible!

I'm not a creepy kind of fan, but I'd like to know Bob Dylan. After the first flush of "Oh wow!" I'm sure it would be very normal.

But he needs to take a walk someplace I am, because, not being a creepy kind of fan, I'm not chasing after him.

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