Friday, August 14, 2009

Krauthammer's Blurb

I don't read Charles "The Corpse" Krauthammer's columns anymore, because all he writes are worthless screeds against President Obama. Like if Obama flipped a coin and it came up heads, it should've been tails. And of course vice versa. (But amazingly, when George Bush snored, to Krauthammer it sounded like a symphony.)

But just because I don't read him, it doesn't mean I don't see the blurb on the WaPo's homepage. Today's sounded about typical for his nitpicking.

To paraphrase: 'President Obama says preventative care will save money. That's nonsense." That in a nutshell is Krauthammer's column.

Isn't it common sense that preventative care has the tendency to save money and trouble down the road? Like with your car? Taking care of your children? Fixing up your house? And, yes, with your health? Of course we all eventually die, so maybe we could say it would save money just to die and get it over with. Is that the Republicans' new argument?

This must be what they think when they veto children's lunches, breakfasts, and offer them lead paint chips with their sandwich. Why eat? What are you trying to prevent? Preventing things is for suckers, Charles Krauthammer says.

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