Sunday, August 02, 2009

Palin-First Dude Split

If the rumors swirling around -- and they've swirled so fast and furious that even the dust bunnies on my floor are spinning -- that Sarah Palin and First Dude Todd are splitting and divorcing are true, that would be interesting. We recall he wanted Alaska to secede from the Union, now he would be seceding from their Union. Or she from it. Or both, if this is a mutual deal.

Who knows what the problem might be? They've come across as the perfect dysfunctional family all these months.

According to what I read, First Ex-Almost Son-in-Law Levi Johnson has a scandalously hot interview coming out at some point. So maybe he'll know something about this. Which makes me wonder how he became an ever running spring of information on the Palins. When he was with the daughter, what was he doing? Spying around corners and taking notes? That took some foresight.

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