Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bolton Decries Journalists' Release

Goodness, how can this man, John Bolton, be so consistently stupid?

It just reminds us, if we need reminded, that there's no enjoying the silver lining without someone looking for the cloud. If Bolton won a million dollars in the lottery, it should've been two.

The two journalists were released from North Korea, Bill Clinton went over and personally got them, all was a happy ending, right? Wrong!

We have to have this twerp John Bolton, who for some reason always steps forward of this kind of stuff with his own spin, to say it's no good. That North Korea got a propaganda victory. Oh boy, what would've been better, for the two to stay in a labor camp for the next 15 years so we could say "We really showed them this time!" ?

No good deed goes unpunished. And with the Republicans, they're always right there to make sure injustice is meted out each time!

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