Friday, August 28, 2009

Dump Chuck!

"Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wants (you guessed it) yet more time to reach a health care compromise on the Senate Finance Committee."

What - in - the - world - do - we - care - what - Chuck - Grassley - wants?

Is there any human way to get something done in the Senate without this guy as a roadblock? How is it that when the Democrats won big in 2008 that Chuck Grassley became all powerful?

Could we please have some action from Harry Reid and the Democrats that resembles something that would show that we indeed won the election?

When I heard about our side bringing a gun to a knife fight, I thought that meant we were ready to rumble. Not ready to capitulate every day of the week.

Now Grassley doesn't think we can get healthcare in September ... probably said in his stupidest lumbering voice ... And I could guess October is off the table, and don't expect much in November, and December is definitely out ...

Dump Chuck Grassley! The idea that this clown has a veto over the will of the people is a joke that's gone on long enough.

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