Thursday, August 13, 2009

John Edwards -- One Thing's True

I like this sentence out of an article about John Edwards:

Edwards has declined interviews, the newspaper said, but in his last statement in May, he said he had not used funds inappropriately and he looked forward to a conclusion to the matter.
Out of all of Edwards' lies, this is something I believe, that he probably does look forward to a conclusion to the matter. Who wouldn't?

He should've concluded the matter before it started, the big dope.

I remember the heat of the primary season (not that kind of heat), over at Daily Kos, we had some fervent Edwards' supporters, whom I not-so-lovingly called "bliss bunnies," I don't believe to their faces. They were a weird bunch, with many loving videos to Edwards, almost like teenyboppers with their favorite Jonas Brother.

One thing about the bliss bunnies, you dared not say anything bad about John Edwards. O, woe is me, they'd complain, leave us in peace to worship John Edwards and go back to your own place!

It was one of the most sickening daily posts, the EENR (the Edwards Evening News Roundup), there could ever be. I still feel repulsed just at the memory of it. Teenybopper heaven.

Of course when the news was being leaked about Edwards and his campaign worker having an affair, it was like telling them one of the Care Bears slept around. They were dizzy with denials. And of course the limited credibility of the National Enquirer was always an issue.

Then Edwards admitted it all, but by then he was long gone from the primary and had earned his loss. The whole thing about a kid being his, that was dismissed as a lot of fantasy, because this other guy, Andrew Young, had claimed paternity.

Now it's being rumored about, including by the National Enquirer, that Edwards is about to admit paternity, that DNA confirmed it, etc. So if that happens, one more nail in the coffin.

To me -- and I believe I said this a year ago -- if Edwards denied his own kid for political gain, that's worse than denying the affair. Gee, Daddy, I love you, too!

The short version of this whole story: John Edwards is a scumbag. He was then, he is now.

P.S. - His wife isn't any better.

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