Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Health Cared Out

I'm about health care reformed out. I hate the whole process going on. It's a dreary drag.

Anonymous sources from the White House seem to be poo-pooing the public option, which, I thought I heard President Obama laying out pretty well in a news conference some months ago. They also seem to be dumping on their base, their supporters, fellow Democrats, and basically anyone who's been for them. But with the Republicans -- who hate their guts -- they want to play nice and have bipartisanship.

I've never been to Washington, D.C. But even so, from where I live I can see clearly that the Republicans are trying to torpedo the whole health care reform effort. If there's someone in the White House who thinks the Republicans are acting in good faith, it would be a good time to pull that person's resume and see what they did for a living before.

This morning there were several stories about the Democrats "going it alone" on health care, which I'm all for, if they can get it done. But we have several Democrats who appear to be as worthless as the Republicans, including Ben Nelson and Max Baucus. Whether these polecats can get on board is left to be determined.

But until we get there ... I think I'll go down to the factory and watch them make sausage ... it's a more appealing sight.

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