Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rolling Stone Jonas Brothers Edition

I was at the store and saw a Rolling Stone commemorative Jonas Brothers collectible edition. And I thought, What?

I thought Rolling Stone was a little more high brow rock than that. But I haven't really been keeping up as well as I used to. So maybe things have changed.

There were the usual "16" types of magazines as well -- I didn't really see them but I figure they were there since they usually are. And Rolling Stone. Hmm.

Do I like the Jonas Brothers? Yes, I do. Although all I have by them is one album, the one before last, the one that has "Burnin' Up" and several other great songs. I listened to it non-stop for a few weeks. It was great. And I know Rolling Stone gave it a very good review.

I'm not someone who likes them to the point of buying the magazines, etc. Those days are gone for me. It would take the reincarnation of Elvis Presley to do it for me, which almost happened with Adam Lambert, at least in part. I did buy the Rolling Stone with Adam on it and also Lady Gaga.

But this Jonas edition is not the regular magazine but a special edition, like the whole thing is dedicated to all things Jonas. I just glanced through it so I didn't pick up any great trivia.

Is this really what's happening with Rolling Stone? Or is this just a cash-in thing?

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