Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sheriff Admits Doing Bad Job In Dugard Case

Sheriff Admits Doing Bad Job In Dugard Case. Duh, ya think?

The sheriff is Warren E. Rupf, out in California, around Antioch.

They actually had a 911 call in 2006 in which it was reported that Phillip Garrido was a psychotic sex addict who was housing children in tents in his backyard. They didn't adequately investigate a report like that?! What would it take to get these clowns' attention, free donuts at the Quickie Mart?

"Uh, all units ... we have a report of a psychotic sex addict ... yeah, uh, says he's housing children in tents in his backyard ... I know it sounds crazy ... Hey, while you're in the area, pick us up some donuts."

Then in 2008, there was an unannounced visit, during which some investigators were checking on sexual predators, but they didn't notice the weird backyard activities, all the business going on behind an eight foot fence.

"Nothing to see here, men, and remember, the more you see, the more paperwork there'll be. [Wink, wink]. Have a great weekend!"

Sheriff Rupf said, “Organizationally, we should have been more inquisitive or curious and turned over a rock or two ... We should have had a better result.”

"Antioch -- A great place to live -- Low crime, at least we haven't noticed any!"

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