Friday, August 07, 2009

Republican Maniacs

Death threats. Lynching jokes. Poisoned wine. Angry mobs. Racist bluster. Shouted lies.

If the Democrats ever acted like these Republican maniacs when they are out of power, do you think the mainstream media would notice? Of course they would. And poll numbers would descend to the basement.

Fortunately there's always more enlightenment on the Democratic side of things and we at least have basic respect for the rule of law and the responsibilities of citizenship. And yet, whether it's just that they like a good story, or you just tend to go more leniently on the deranged, the media isn't taking the Republicans to task like they should.

It was depressing to wake up in the Bush years and see the Republicans running roughshod over our values. I thought now that we had a respectable Democratic president and Congress that the Republicans would maybe do some introspective soul-searching and see how they might come back, let's say via the route of responsibility and true conservatism. But instead they're regressing to the point of that you expect their next platform to simply read "Civilization be damned, so there." They're even worse now than during the Bush years. It's all roughshod running 24/7.

Personally, I think we may need to fight fire with fire. How exactly that will work I don't know. But our leaders have taken oaths, I believe, to fight enemies foreign and domestic. And what we're getting from the other side, as someone in a WaPo column today called it, is "political terrorism." The Republicans are making themselves an actual enemy of America. Weird turn of events, huh, for all their USA chants? How else do you explain the talk of seceding from the union and all the violent extremism against our institutions and way of life? When they break the law, prosecute. Let the so-called Responsibility Party finally take responsibility for their actions.

Democrats obviously tend to be more mild-mannered, but somehow we're going to have to pull out the stops and get our fellow citizens back to a sane middle if that's possible. The Republicans are like a rabid dog in the corner, foaming at the mouth. And in the long run that's not good for any of us.

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