Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Deathapalooza

I'm not in the mood for another famous death with all the trimmings, this time with Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

I liked him fine and wish we had 99 more senators just like him. But I won't be watching all the crap that's very likely to be shown on TV the next couple of days.

Especially from any of the totally worthless Republican party who will probably be out shedding a few crocodile tears to great public display.

As for Senator Kennedy, I liked him and all the Kennedys. But I never got over Chappaquiddick. It was always in the back of my mind -- and not very far back -- when it came to Teddy. It was a painful thing, because I always figured he had his political viability at heart in the aftermath. That was a downer.

Still, he's passed on now. So we can get someone else in there to carry on the good work. And get healthcare reform passed once and for all.

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