Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Displeased Parent Motif

When it comes to member care, aren't there supposed to be various amenities to keep me happy, contented, and willing to keep tweeting?

Even if it's something as worthless as an "Attaboy" or participation certificate, at least it's something to tell my Mom about. A gold star?

She's sitting in a nursing home waiting for me to visit. But she's going to remain very lonely indeed until I have something to show her.

I told her the other day I had a thousand followers. When the actual number is somewhere under 100. If she finds out it'll break her heart.

She doesn't have that much to live for anyway, just the pride she has in her boy's achievements. Which hasn't been much to hang her life on.

A little bit of sympathy would be nice, at least, in the absence of something tangible I could present, like documentation of my success.

Consider this a cry for help, not so much for me, because I'm young, I can afford to fail. But she's old, feeble, drawing her last breath.

And at this point I don't expect she'll take my word for it. I'm going to need a printout, a screenshot, something notarized, very official.

One of my followers is trying to save an old building, a museum. Name a room after me, a shelf, anything, just so it makes the nightly news.

The dbkundalini Memorial Shelf, on which we place trinkets from 1716, stuff almost 300 years old, doilies, Dolly Madison's underpants.

Dear Mother, I'm going to Israel, the holy land like you always wanted me to. I'm investing all your money in orange trees. Wish me luck.

Isn't that something from 'Ulysses'? Correct me if I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong, because then I'll own the very valuable copyright on it.

Thank you. The Displeased Parent motif if very important to our psyches and literature. And I've been happy to explore it with you.

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