Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Healthcare Bill DOA Without Public Option

Good, I guess. We put our hopes in President Obama to get this done. But if it's not going to be done right, with a public option, then I hope it is Dead On Arrival.

I'm trying to reserve judgment, not really knowing all the facts, but I'm seriously hoping President Obama knows what he's doing. So far I'm disappointed that he's allowing the Republicans to drag him around by his nose. It's his legacy, but we're the ones who suffer.

It's time for him to channel his inner piranha -- his inner George W. Bush, if you will -- and take charge. I don't remember five minutes during the entire Bush administration where they cared what the Democrats thought. Why do the Republicans even have a place at the table?

We desperately need a decent healthcare system in this country. What we have now is insane. But if President Obama can't get it done, we may as well wait for the next guy.

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