Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Republicans Against Health Care

What the Republicans are really afraid of on this health care issue is that it will work in a great way and people will like it.

They have this idiotic theory that government can't do anything right, then they stand, salute, and praise the military. A government thing.

The weirdest ones are the unreflective idiots who say, "Keep the guv'munt out of my Medicare. Keep Medicare in private hands." Fools.

Or the Social Security recipients who are suddenly against government programs. "Keep guv'munt out of my Social Security."

I hope the Republicans do stand strong against this. And that Obama rams it down their throats ... and that it turns out to be popular.

Then let the Republicans to the voters hat-in-hand, like they already have with the stimulus, "We were for it all along."

Anything ... those hypocrites will show their true disgusting colors on anything ...They swallowed Bush's camels and choke on Obama's gnats.

The Republican party makes the fur on my neck stand up. Why do I have with fur on my neck? I need it there if it's going to stand up, silly.

Anyway, I saw Obama on TV, delightful, making sense. Then we have the Republicans, scuzballs, flaky turncoats. There's no competition!

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