Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Zonks of Hope, Arkansas

Zonksmania is hitting Dairy Queens everywhere. There they are! It's always 1967 and they're always standing on the wildest DQ truck I've ever seen. With a great looking drum that has two arrows that remind me of The Who's one arrow.

They've been performing at the DQ in Hope, Arkansas. And that's all we know about them.

I looked them up several months ago, probably over a year ago by now, and didn't find anything. But I tried again today and got a link to one of them, Buzz Andrews. Buzz says he's the one in the prison pants.

I have played music for 46 years. Played my first paid gig in 1963. I started playing with a garage band named the ZONKS out of Hope, Arkansas. We stayed together all the way through college and played high school and college parties and dances. We got hooked up with Dairy Queen in 1968 and played some stuff for them and the picture of the ZONKS can be seen in all the new Dairy Queens across the country. I'm the one in the prison pants. I moved on from that band and joined a bluegrass band, The Bluegrass Express.
Now he's performing as BUZZ ANDREWS, One Man Band.

I love the Zonks' picture, but it would seem that's all there is to it. Which is sad. Because what's more romantic than a band roaming the countryside waiting for a rock 'n' roll musical to break out? Screaming girls chasing behind. Boys crazy with the excitement of being the next big thing.

I want to hear tapes from their gigs. Demos. Or know they exist. Was there a 45? See whatever posters they had. See their business card. Publicity that says, "THIS SATURDAY AT DAIRY QUEEN" or whatever. Memorabilia. Newspaper clippings. Other photos. I want to know all about it. Come on, Buzz, identify the other guys and what they're doing now. Give us something!

Does it bug anyone else that we don't know more about The ZONKS?

Until we get more, all we have is this one single beautiful picture at Dairy Queen.


Chris Goosman said...

I'm sitting here in a DQ looking at The Zoinks picture again and I agree with you, we need to know more! It is sad that this blog was the second hit after Buzz's site. We need the road tales and the singles, the stories of their first studio session and the inevitable breakup ala VH1. I also agree with you that the logo is very Who-esque and I think looks fantastic.

dbkundalini said...

Chris, I know what you mean. It's "sad" that my blog would be second. It seems to ME, anyway, that the group members must know they're in all the DQs in the country, and that they ought to step forward and get some glory. Tell us their story. Thanks for your comment.

Angus said...

I asked two waitresses at DQ about the Zonks. "Are you familiar with The Zonks?" One walked a away quickly. The other suggested YouTube.

The people need to know more about The Zonks!!!

Maureen said...

The book about the photo...