Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

A good guy died, George Carlin.

His comedy was edgy but also gentle.

I didn't follow him closely but liked to see him on TV whenever I happened to be watching. Very thoughtful comedian. Kind of a prodding style, able to pick out the ridiculous and nudge it.

In the '80s, I won tickets in a radio phone-in contest to a George Carlin concert, and took one of my brothers. It was a great evening, and we had pretty good seats. I still think of it about every week, based on one of the jokes George told. It involved watching out for people running red lights. In the joke he said his brother ran red lights, so he (George) needed to slow down at green lights because his brother might be coming. So, yet today, after all these years, whenever I see someone cruise through a red light I think back to that night and that joke.

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