Thursday, May 03, 2007

Flipping Stop Signs

I saw two school buses head to head today, each with its stop sign flipped out. Here we have a standoff, like in the old law that if two trains meet neither can move until the other's gone. In this case, each driver can flip the stop sign back in. But it seems like in the driver's manual it says something like this, that you can't pass a stopped school bus. I don't remember anything about the stop sign being part of it. The only hope is that any inching forward no longer constitutes being stopped, so they're going to be OK.

We don't have enough flipping signs on vehicles. I'd like to have a few signs on my car, to flip out whenever I needed. Like a "Please don't follow so close" sign, maybe. One I like is the sign on the back of trucks that says "Stay Back 50 Feet," but if you did that how would you ever get around? How would you read the sign. Well, 50 feet, you could probably still read it.

There used to be the "Baby on Board" signs, but they didn't flip out. That would've made a more powerful point. "I've got a baby on board, and I don't think you care!"

You don't see too many American flags stuck inside doors and waving for all the world to see as the car goes through town. As to the constant waving of flags, hey, do you think we forgot what country we're in?

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