Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Policy on Obama

It's amazing. I became a political drop out as soon as Obama was elected. I have had ZERO interest in following any of it beyond the cabinet picks of the first week or two. I have had no interest in what the blogosphere has been saying, any griping about these individuals. Or Caroline Kennedy. And pretty much no interest in the Blago scandal, except I felt chagrined that the media tried to implicate Obama in it. But I totally -- TOTALLY -- tuned out on watching the news shows on this stuff, so I really missed it.

I can see Bush is definitely leaving Obama a mess to deal with. So completely radical things have to be coming down the pike to get it cleaned up. At this point, what Obama does is OK with me. It just seems so frustrating that there has to be this enormous gap between election day and inauguration day. One, Bush is still in there like a drunken sailor. Two, Obama has to take heat from the media when he really has no power to do anything.

Any other controversies -- Obama with no shirt on, whatever -- I haven't been following. It's all been a zone-out time. We made it to the election, we won, that's it.

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