Thursday, September 02, 2010

Stephen Hawking And God

Everyone's going to be mad at Stephen Hawking for saying the universe could've been created without God, just by spontaneous generation.

I caught a glimpse of a bit of it, but I basically just spontaneously generated the idea in my head. Anytime you get a guy like him in bad shape -- like, oh, what's that guy's name? He's a famous atheist and he just came down with a terminal illness. I can't think of his name -- there's comments like that.

The comment I glimpsed was something, "Yeah? Well, why can't he spontaneously make himself WHOLE again," with WHOLE in all caps.

What is that's guy's name? He used to be on Hardball. I'm trying to Google "atheist pundit". I got it with "famous atheist sick." It's Christopher Hitchens.

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