Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Addams Family -- Gomez and Morticia Meet

This was a two-parter. But not handled like most "To Be Continued" shows are. It's framed with the parents telling Pugsley and Wednesday the story of how they came to meet and marry.

It's kind of boring. Very crazy with entertaining places, but mostly blah.

Morticia is cute as can be in the flashback to 13 years ago. She has various morbid qualities that no one seems to wonder about, even though her mother has a more or less conventional personality, and her sister, while very weird, isn't weird in the same way as Morticia. No one wonders why she clips off the flowers and keeps the stems, for example. She is definitely a doll, ooo la la (which may be French, kissing my own arm.)

Gomez looks virtually the same 13 years ago as he does now in 1965. Different suit. He appears to have less confidence and pizazz. But he displays his greater qualities whenever Morticia is around. Fester looks precisely the same 13 years ago, including the exact same clothes, as does Lurch and Cousin Itt.

Morticia's mother is played by Margaret Hamilton. There's quite a bit with Mamma, who is Gomez's mamma, which I had wondered about. (I haven't looked up anything on other sites, where all these questions are no doubt answered.) Fester is Morticia's uncle. Morticia's last name is Frump. Her sister, Ophelia, plays a lyre, has flowers in her hair, and is a blonde.

Mother Frump wants to set up Gomez and Ophelia, as does Mamma Adams. So the basis of the conflict throughout is how Gomez might back out of the wedding, as he's promised to marry her. This is where it gets blah. But, it's mildly entertaining, with all the other cute stuff going on.

Cousin Itt has an extensive role in these episodes, including being shrunken by a hairdryer.

The funniest line, as I recall, was at the end when Gomez says Itt had been quite a playboy, and Pugsley says he'd like to hear that story. Gomez has a grin that looks like a genuine chuckle, like he actually is amused.

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