Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reading Is Super Cool

They say reading is fundamental, but I say it's super cool.

If you can get interested in a book -- and the first chapter's usually the toughest -- you'll find great rewards in reading. I know I have, finding the various stories very appealing.

I was at the town library yesterday, and I must say, they have a lot of great books. If you follow a few simple rules, they leave you alone. You can look to your heart's content. And you can read all you want ... for free!

If you qualify for a library card, and most people who can show positive identification and are patient through the waiting period do, you can check out books, also to your heart's content. I've got four books right here!

No one gave me any grief while I was there. I probably could've gone in there with a scoop shovel and no one would've cared!

Summer is coming to a close. It'll be ending any day now. But while it lasts, how about doing yourself a favor, and reading!

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