Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does Vilsack Work At NPR?

Juan Williams has been on Fox, what? ... forever? And apparently he's never said anything to raise the ire of his other employer NPR? In that whole time?

Personally, I don't listen to or watch NPR or Fox News. But I used to see Juan Williams on Fox back when I did watch it, several years ago. He was on Brit Hume's show in the afternoon. Then one day I quit cold turkey and never went back. I hate Fox News as much as anyone in the world.

As for NPR, I really haven't got time for it. Or the inclination. I don't like listening to the radio, etc. So I'm missing it. I don't even know what Juan Williams did at NPR.

Still, just going on the limited facts I've gotten piecemeal through the day, it sounds clearly like a case of NPR overreacting. If a guy states a fact about his feelings about 9/11 and Muslims, even though it's something I disagree with, it seems like he isn't beyond redemption. Plus, I heard he was even trying to talk down Bill O'Reilly about some of his more extreme views. So it wasn't a matter of hatred of Muslims for Juan Williams, apparently, but just a bad association for him in his mind when he flies. It sounds very unreasonable, but it's a hangup he has, I would call it. He didn't say he shouts them down or tries to kill them, etc.

Anyway, all's well for him, since Fox News (those scurrilous SOBs) gave him a position and a $2 million contract.

My big memory of Juan Williams on the Brit Hume show is that they always browbeat him. Brit was a terrible bully on that show and bullied anyone who even slightly disagreed with him. It was a disagreeable show, in my opinion. Juan had a hard time holding his own against the crumbs on the show.

The whole thing reminds me of Tom Vilsack, the mad sacker of people who did no crime. Is Tom Vilsack, speaking of crumbs, working at NPR? Did he have something to do with this idiotic decision?

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