Friday, March 16, 2007

All My Children - Krystal's Revelation

Somedays it feel like a total waste of time to watch TV. This is one of those days. I like All My Children, or I have for years, but more and more I'm antsy, looking at the clock, or just getting up and walking away. And we actually have a major revelation today, so it's not like it's just Ryan and Annie's goo-goo eyes and laughing love talk to waste the day on. Or Zoe and Biana, which looks like something might happen pre-transsexual operation. I don't know. I was there for the giggling and the talk of Maggie and the chocolate cake. Then for when Babe and JR came back to the Chandler mansion. But I just couldn't watch it.

Adam said to Krystal, yesterday in fact, "There's nothing you could say that would take away my love for you." Famous last words, since today she told him her baby was Tad's. The last I saw, Adam needed to revise and extend his remarks, since he's proclaiming he doesn't love her NOW. Krystal, what a dork. You go out to the woods to comfort Tad, or whatever you were out there for, and the comfort has to take the form of having sex? But it's the old rule of soap operas, whenever there's a choice to be made, 90% of the time it will be the wrong choice. That's how they manage to have train wrecks to keep the show going year after year.

Really, Adam is not a nice guy, usually. Charming, very nice looking. But he has a whole bad side that makes most bad sides looking saintly. So there's no telling what he might do. He actually might accept the whole thing and go on with his bad self. But that'd be totally out of character.

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