Friday, March 16, 2007

American Idol - Brandon Voted Off

Well, not really voted off. He didn't get enough votes to stay. There was an interview at Entertainment Weekly ( today in which Brandon said he expected to be the one gone. He messed up his lyrics, one of the Supremes' songs, he didn't have a big fan base, and he was not that great beyond his initial audition. His occupation is background singer, which I think would be a great occupation. He needs to stick with that and be happy.

Sanjaya was in the bottom three, along with Phil. Phil was safe and sent back to his chair. (I don't like Phil, for various reasons.) Sanjaya is totally bad, very weak voice, and everyone in the country, beyond starry-eyed 13-year-old admirers, knows he shouldn't be allowed within 50 feet of a stage or to pack heat (I mean, a microphone). He came out with one of the Diana Ross songs, too, I can't think of which one. And it was like a wounded animal looking for a place to die. But then when the votes came in, he was safe!

I really would like to see all the guys voted off, bang bang bang, one after another, and leave it all women. The "boys" have been as terrible as anything. Blake is the one, single man who has anything desirable about him, and even that is sort of like lukewarm coffee. As for the ladies, the two frontrunners are LaKisha and Melinda, with Jordin in the mix. My favorite is actually Stephanie but she doesn't get rave reviews from the judges; it's like they've decided to promote the others. And I also really liked Sabrina, who reminded me of Mona Lisa.

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