Monday, June 07, 2010

My Faithful Canine Bed Partner

Since my move, I've kept my dog in my room at night, with the door closed.

Where we lived before, I kept the door open. So the dog would be in the bed with me, then get up in a half hour and leave the room. Before morning, sometime, she would pee on the kitchen floor, or dining area.

But now, originally to keep her from peeing on the kitchen floor in the new place, I keep the bedroom door closed. And she knows the difference. She goes to bed with me and she doesn't get up! She's there all night long!

It's been something like four weeks ... and this dog hasn't gotten out of bed through the night even once. That's some kind of record. Plus it's some kind of habit, and this dog doesn't break habits easily once they're made.

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