Thursday, June 03, 2010

Smoking At A Gas Station

This is one of my really big pet peeves, seeing people smoking outside at a gas station. You want to give them an X-ray of their head to see if there's something in there that's just not computing. After all, isn't what happens when gas and fire meet fairly well known?

A few weeks ago I saw it happening, people smoking about 15 feet from the pump. I went in and complained to the cashier, but he just blew it off. 'They work right over there,' indicating a place inside the gas station, 'and they do that all the time.' OK, I haven't been back to that gas station. Not only that, their receipt printer is permanently broken.

Today I was driving by a BP gas station (a BP!) and someone was on the front step, looking every bit an employee, and she also was smoking. I thought the usual things I think about, like how dense do you really have to be to do this? But in this case I also thought, It's BP, for crying out loud! How stupid are the people who work for this company?

Anyone with any sense would not be smoking with gas pumps right there a few feet away!

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