Friday, June 11, 2010

A Town Of Overachievers

Since I moved a couple months ago, I've had plenty of time to study my new town.

One of my conclusions is that it seems like a town of overachievers. Compared to my old place, where it seemed like everyone was comfortable with whatever level he or she had attained years ago.

This really came screaming home to me today when I was at Dairy Queen. I was sitting there drinking my Moolatte, a frozen coffee flavored drink they have, and I looked over and saw an average guy talking to an average woman. They were both well over 60, I would guess. But they had some important looking legal papers, each with his or her own stack, respectively, and were conferring about technical things, yet not so loudly that I could make out what they were saying (I wasn't trying either.)

That was where I started thinking "a town of overachievers." Because at my old place, this same old couple would be drinking their drink and thinking about nothing. Life would've already passed them by. Something like that.

Then when I was getting ready to leave, in the booth next to them, not in my direct field of vision while I was at my table, there was another guy with some papers, stacked up, and he was examining the stacks, apparently with an eye as to their contents. I didn't examine them myself, but I got the impression that he might be a lawyer, a real estate agent, an editor, or an entrepreneur about to make an important presentation. His papers, stacked as I said, knew where they belonged.

It really hit home with me, this is a town of overachievers. This same guy in my old town would've been sitting at DQ with three kids and no papers. Maybe he's very happy overachieving, but it's too bad he couldn't try his alternate destiny on for size too.

P.S. I like preserving my original messaged, misspelled idea, in this case, "A town of overachievers _ papers at dq maybeeditor"

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