Sunday, May 25, 2008


Remind me, please, never to invite Hillary Clinton to a party.

It'd be 2 o'clock in the morning and people'd be drifting away.

3 o'clock and still several hanging on.

4 o'clock, the party, the conversation's over, nearly everyone's gone.

5 o'clock, Hillary's still sitting on the couch, wanting her drink refreshed.

6 o'clock, she still won't leave.

7 o'clock, we take the dog out and invite Hillary along. Then we and the dog are running down the sidewalk, doubling back through the alley, in the back door, doors locked, windows shuttered.

8 o'clock, she's still knocking. "We don't hear that!" the wife says.

9 o'clock, a peek out the blinds. She's milling around on the lawn!

10 o'clock, this is ridiculous, we call the police and have her carted off.

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