Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lunachicks - Take 2

I was listening to that Lunachicks CD a little more tonight, walking around downtown with my Ipod. I think I only got to track 9, although that's pretty far.

My method of reviewing CDs really isn't the greatest, which is to describe it pretty much the first time through. I heard a few songs then put it on and type-type-type. Even so, I was pretty nice.

But listening to it close like that, while walking, it has more texture and more depth in the ear. The vocals sounded sweeter and more trained, but while typing the vocals are more one dimensional.

Anyway, each song really has something to commend it. And even the lyrics that are overly-vulgar or a tad bit of a reach, have a nicer ring to them when you're not reading them at the same time.

"Edgar" was a song that leaped out at me, hearing it while walking. It's a song about a cat, a cat like most cats that goes to the bathroom and it smells. We can all relate. Songs about your animals are a nice thing. Anyone ever heard The Shagg's "My Pal Foot Foot"? In my opinion, their best song. A good tribute.

I was trying to think of other songs that are about pets, and know I know some, but couldn't think of any while walking. "Martha My Dear," of course, by Paul McCartney. "Old Shep," sung by Elvis. "Ode to Billy Toad," by Bobbie Gentry. Hey, I like that, "Ode to a Toad."

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