Friday, May 30, 2008

Really Gets On My Wick

Here's a blog with just a few posts, but they're good full, funny ones. Things that get on his wick, which means annoys, cheeses him off, makes him upset.

He's Jimmie P. of the U.K.

A couple samples of things that get on his wick:

- People who tell you they're 'really into music' and then when you ask further they claim to like "everything". Being 'really into' something requires having an opinion, expressing your taste, likes dislikes etc. You can't just like everything. That's like a food critic or a chef saying they're really into food then eating anything they are served and raving about it whether it's caviar or supernoodles."

- When you ask for a coke in a pub or restaurant and they tell you "We only have Pepsi, is that OK?". Of course it's OK. Asking for a "Coke" is shorthand for "whatever you have that is like Coca-cola". Just put it in a glass and I'll never know the difference anyway.

The one about Coke is one we've all heard. But I think -- don't correct me if I'm wrong -- that there was a legal issue that led to this. Such as you need to get what you are asking for. And plus the companies want people get get the registered trademark brand name product that they are selling at the time.

One of the other things that ticks his wick, I'll just put the first little bit: "- Girls kissing their friends in clubs because they think it'll turn blokes on." I've not actually experienced that, never seen that happening. And I'm sure I wouldn't forget.

P.S. One of the things that gets on my wick is the formatting at blogger when you blockquote. On my computer, anyway, everything after that is spaced in a funkier way.

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