Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Dog's Risky Sleeping Spot

Our dog likes to crawl under the bed and sleep at the corner by the head of the bed.

Of course she has no concept of a bed falling on you, as we've all seen happen.

This particular bed has never fallen. Its construction is such, I guess, that it can't fall. Although I don't know precisely how it's made just by memory.

Still, even with that great record, I know I wouldn't be under there unless there were some other safeguards in place, like a few well-placed concrete blocks or beams and trusses. (It's hard to find a good truss these days. It's not like when they used to advertise them right in the newspaper.)

I see the dog, and she's cognizant of all sorts of dangers. Part of the reason she goes under there, other than sleeping, is to escape from perceived dangers, like loud noises or me carrying a big piece of furniture. But she has a danger hanging right over her head, and she doesn't even realize it.

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