Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tearing A Couch Apart

Oh boy, this is a huge task, to tear a couch apart.

I had a big couch, fairly old, and it might've had some years on it when I got it over 20 years ago. In fact it did.

I advertised it in the paper for free. A few people were over to look at it. Two guys wanted everything I had, then they needed to borrow one of the guy's uncle's truck, and I never saw them again. Another couple came over and looked at it but it was too big for their space. Someone else came but they were looking something more like a love seat for their daughter's college room. And finally a lady who took some of my other things. She was going to get her brother to come and pick it up. It was complicated by the fact that he'd gone through a messy divorce back in November, had custody of their child, etc. The bottom line is he didn't show up, nor did his ex-wife, nor the kid.

So today, this was my last resort. Because I'm getting ready to move and couldn't have this gigantic old couch along for the ride, I needed to get rid of it somehow. So I dismantled it with an ax and a butcher knife.

While doing this I was thinking how terrible it must be for a serial murderer to have to completely dismantle a body, with the blood, tissue, intestines, etc. It's bad enough doing a couch!

A couch has more to it than you might think, with hundreds of staples and nails and things in there. You notice this sometimes when you're reaching down the cushions for change.

Speaking of change, I found 21 cents, but the other day when these people were I'd already gotten out 50 cents. I found other stuff from years ago, from the '90s, including a football schedule from the high school in 1992-93, some college information one of my kids must've gotten, a steak knife from ages ago, and a couple of sunflower seeds from when I was eating them, also years ago. Plus miscellaneous junk, little papers, dirt, crumbs, and a copy of the "Four Spiritual Laws." It was like archaeology.

Now the dismantled pieces are in my car and I get to take them to the recycling center tomorrow. So it's not completely out of my life yet.

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