Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweeping Up Cut Hair

I spent an hour today in a haircutting place. My dad used to say that something was "as fun as watching haircuts," so I got to experience that firsthand.

As for me myself, I don't get my hair cut in these places. My wife's been cutting it for nearly 40 years, so it really is a rarity for me to be there.

So I sat and observed others in the hot seat. I was there waiting with friends who were getting trimmed.

After each person they collected money. My wife never does that.

Then to prepare for the next person they swept up the old hair with a broom, and swept it back toward the back somewhere where I couldn't see. I thought that must be a nice sight back there, the day's sweepings. They definitely didn't do two or three, then sweep it up, but after each person.

It made me start thinking of other potentially more labor-saving and time-saving systems of doing it, like having a hole in the floor that you could open up. Maybe flames come shooting up and consume the hair, then die back down as the hole is closed.

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