Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Move - 1

To move is a major disruption in your life. But I finally got it accomplished. The packing, the truck, the hundreds of arrangements about where you're going and what you're going to do.

I was in my prior town with plans to leave at a particular time. Then one of the final things was to get some money from a guy who owed me. It was remarkable, but he did actually pay me. It required a trip to one of those instant checking places (where he has some history). We had to wait around 10 minutes for the time delay safe to open, him inside the business, me in the car. Then, by cracky, the money that I figured I'd never see again was in my actual hand.

So that was one of the last things. Then to get some breakfast, eat it on the last two folding chairs in a room with nothing else except a garbage can, and get going.

There was one major complication that happened while I was off doing the business with the guy and the money, between that and the time I got breakfast and made it back home. Which was a period of about 35 minutes, leaving my wife at the essentially empty house. All the years we were there she never had this accident, but in this half hour time, out of the blue, she managed to drop a glass of water and it ruined her cell phone.

This stuff was all "one in a million" stuff, the idea that I'm off with a guy getting money, a guy a couple months late and we'd basically given up on, and the idea that she would ruin her phone in an empty house. There was a rare confluence of something above, one would assume.

Then we were off, all the farewells done. And now it was raining.

We were in separate vehicles, and it was precisely at this time that we needed the cell phones the most. But with hers out of commission totally, we had to improvise, make plans for down the road, etc. Which didn't help much when we were separated within the first two blocks. Serious.

I waved her on, it might seem, although I was really waving her out of the way so I could turn the truck. She thought I meant "Go on to the first stop," which I didn't mean. So she went on, I turned the corner, didn't see her, wondered what happened, and waited there five minutes. She didn't reappear, leaving me to think she was looking for me, and that without a cell phone we were lost even though we were still within blocks of each other.

The short story is that she indeed went on to the first stop. I got there and we made better arrangements to stay closer together.

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