Monday, October 12, 2009

Health Insurers Promise To Gouge Us More

This is seriously an industry in need of some vast, sweeping reform. This is an industry that needs to be put on trial, actually, and some folks ought to be doing some serious time. The health insurance racket is criminal.

People are dying for the crass decisions they make on a daily basis. And the rest of us are simply going broke. Getting less, paying more.

Now they say they'll have no choice but to gouge us even more(!) -- their own claim -- if we do have health care reform. LOL. If anyone's crying out for a serious spanking, this is an industry that is!

I want our government to somehow extract themselves from the pockets of these worms, then to serve the people who voted for them. We need aid. We are beset upon by dangerous enemies, domestic enemies, who are every bit as dangerous as terrorists. That's true.

More people are dying at the hands of the health insurance industry than terrorists kill.

Too bad we couldn't stop them THERE before they came HERE. They're FROM here. And we need to stop them now.

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