Sunday, October 18, 2009

Industrial Strength Men (And Women)

I was looking at one of the magazines at the fitness club.

(I'm a fitness freak. I show up about once every four days when I'm not being good. Heh, I'm not a fitness freak exactly. Just someone trying not to die too early, but it's a challenging thing to keep up.)

The mag: "Men's Fitness." It had two covers, if I was looking at it right, because the cover in the picture is actually an ad. Then the real cover is after it.

The saying "Release Your Inner Superman" could be the slogan for the whole magazine, the parts I looked at. Because the guys and gals pictured in it are definitely industrial strength. Lots of rippling muscles and manly stuff.

The women are very tough looking too. Not muscle builder tough but looking good -- in the industrial sense of the word. You might be afraid to touch one of them.

My fitness routine isn't going to get me there. But I guess I can live with that.

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