Thursday, October 08, 2009

So Is It Going To Happen?

Yesterday I saw somewhere, someone said that health care reform was essentially "fait accompli," which looks like "fat accomplice" misspelled.

So I take it it's a done deal. And now we're all excited that there could be an opt-out option for the states who don't want better health care for their residents. I can see some of the benefits of this option, because those states might see their residents fleeing for other states and decide that health care is important.

Would I want to live in a state that would just as soon I died? Not really. I like that whole concept of society appreciating my existence enough to let me live. But if the Republicans had their way, of course we'd all be worked to death to enrich them, then hustled off to some death farm ... our bodies used to feed hogs or something. LOL. The Republicans are probably so evil they're going, How'd that guy find out about the farms?

In other news, I saw a weird story that Justice officials refused to take an oath before testifying before Congress ... so whatever hearing it was didn't happen. It said something about the Obama administration not wanting them to swear to tell the truth. I don't know. It just struck me as very weird. Is there some black handbook they give you when you're president, of secrets that must not be divulged? A box with cloaks and daggers that you have to guard?

It strikes me as very weird that as soon as Obama became president that we couldn't investigate Bush, couldn't get rid of some of the terrible practices of Bush, etc.

So there must be something they show you when you become president, and you step back and say, Oh, my God, and decide you can't govern in an open and transparent way.

I still like Obama quite a lot. I just wonder what happens between Election Day and the day after the Inauguration!

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