Monday, October 05, 2009

They're Rushing Obama

The line today (Hardball, Saturday Night Live) is that President Obama isn't accomplishing anything, because we're still in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo; health care reform isn't done; etc.

Just a few weeks ago he was being accused of doing too much, now too little. I don't think these people have his interests at heart. Since no one can be pleased.

As to Iraq, he promised to get out in something like 19 months or 20-some months, not overnight. Afghanistan, that's obviously going to go on for a while. Gitmo, they said it couldn't be closed in under a year, and it hasn't been ... who knows, it might take a little while.

As for the health care reform, I agree. Get the $%#@#$ done! I am furious that the president isn't in Congress knocking some heads, twisting some arms, and making some threats. Like you get this done or else! I don't remember any first year rebellion (or any other time) by the Republicans against George W. Bush. He's surely got the power to cut some of these Democratic cretins off at the knees. Break their kneecaps or something.

On some of this big stuff, the various morasses that Bush got us into, give the guy some time.

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