Saturday, October 31, 2009

New York Congressional Race

I haven't been paying close attention to the congressional race in New York this coming week. But suddenly I've noticed more and more about it, so now I'm tuned in.

I don't know who to root for. Naturally I favor the Democrat. And actually hope he wins.

The Republicans are having quite a time of it, with their official candidate "suspending" her campaign. And not "suspending" it as in a John McCain stunt, "suspending" it in that she quit.

A lot of the big wingnut wheels of the GOP didn't want her anyway. She was a moderate and all they want are people as crazy as themselves. Sarah Palin crazy, Rick Perry crazy, I mean crazy, secessionist crazy.

So they have a third party guy who was actually running as an independent but now he's got the official endorsement of the Republicans. It's weird.

I was reading a column by Frank Rich. And he buoyed my spirits. Because his take on it is even if the Republicans win, they still lose. Because it opens the way for these wingnut/teabaggers to be optimistic enough to nominate their own brand of loony candidates all over the country. Of course the rest of us won't vote for them. And they lose. Or they could lose by having the Democrat win, obviously.

I would like to see the Democrat win. Because I don't want anything to happen to make this wing of the GOP optimistic. Let them sink in quicksand, is my wish for them.

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