Sunday, May 02, 2010

Antarctica A Big Continent

Someone was reminding me today of Antarctica, that big icy place down south somewhere.

I'd forgotten temporarily that it was a continent. And while we were talking about it being what it is, I said something stupid like, "So it was a continent at one time?" And I immediately thought how stupid that was, and knew that it was a continent now. That gave the other person the chance to say that it is a continent, which I knew.

The parts I didn't know, how dumb I am, was that it was a continent up here somewhere, not entirely down there. And that it drifted along with the other stuff of continental drift. In its case, being around where Brazil is now, it had the misfortune to drift about as far south as you can go. I guess it pushed the original South Pole out of the way, and that's why all the magnets moved their power to the North. Joking.

Anyway, there was lots of flora and fauna on Antarctica, and now it's well known as being fossilized. Because it's so old and needed to be preserved somehow.

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