Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How's The Oil Spill Going?

I hope the oil spill is going alright. I really am not keeping track of it or reading the news except what I see in the headlines. Because I find it so depressing!

The company responsible for this, or companies if there is more than one, ought to be strung up and skinned alive. What they have done is reprehensible. And since the Supreme Court judged that a corporation is a person, this is one person needs to go to prison.

As for those who blamed Pres. Obama right off the bat, of course they look foolish, which is hard to do because they already looked foolish enough. One of the things that I did read said it was some kind of gigantic methane ball under the rig that surged up. That sounds like something too hard for even the president to manage to cause!

But those in charge of the safety of the range have no excuse because their science and their technicians ought to know the possibilities of their business. And if they do not they need to be held accountable to the full extent.

I drove by a BP gas station today and thought, I wonder if there is any backlash at that level, because personally it is not a place I would go to right now.

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