Friday, May 07, 2010

Can't Find A Million Dollars

I've been sweeping up around my new room, just now getting it cleaned ... I moved a couple weeks ago.

All around I'm finding a penny or a dime here and there, then another, then another, and maybe a quarter. So I have a whole little pile of change. I even found a couple smashed pennies from the previous occupants, smashed at an amusement park with a little design on them.

It seems endless but I know it's not ... or I'd see pennies and dimes piled all over the property. So no matter how many I find, I'm never going to find a million dollars.

We've been watching some of the episodes of "Deal or No Deal," which I never saw in its prime time run. I'd barely even heard of it, but I know I did hear of it, because my daughter was talking about it a few years ago, how she'd like to be a contestant. But I didn't explore it to see what it was.

They have a million dollars for their top prize, but hardly anyone gets it. I even looked it up on Wikipedia, and they have the records of how many people have gotten the million. And I believe it's less than five, like three. Three?!

So it's tough to find a million dollars. Even when they're giving it away.

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